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Walking Dead Book 4

Book Notes

Seems appropriate to include the graphic novels I'm reading, too, which means this one is included. I'm not going to count it as "books read" in as much as I define those as "words consumed." I might change my mind at a later date and convert this to a graphic-novel-read instead of book-read. We'll see.

For now, yep, worth reading. The plot line is different than the television series, a realization that should come as a surprise to no one. I am, however, completely impressed at how much the books and the series are similar. There are a couple plot points in this book that take it away from the series, and another couple plot points that bring it closer. I am really enjoying it (as much as you can enjoy any book about death and mindlessness and people being assholes to each other, which is to say, "enjoy"), where the enjoyment is the character development and portrayal in an impossible situation. The different power manipulations and survival methods and crisis reactions are fascinating. Fiction, of course, but you can believe them to be an accurate representation of how people would actually be in this horrific situation.

I guess at least I can.

I have books five and six, so I'll continue on through at least those two. I haven't watched much of the series recently, so I might actually get to the point where the books are past the series. That would be an interesting comparison in the opposite direction.

This series is recommended.

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