The Way Into Chaos

Book Notes

This book, The Way Into Chaos: Book One of The Great Way (Volume 1), is the first of a three book series. It was written by Harry Connolly, who wrote about the Twenty Palaces series, which I think was recommended by Jim Butcher, and which I really liked. I vaguely recall being a little thrown off by Connolly's writing style in the Twenty Palaces novels, but I had read them just after I had read a few Dresden books, and, well, anything is going to seem odd after reading them (because they are awesome).

Which is a slight lead-in to the fact that I struggled with this book. I really wanted to read this book for the sole reason it was written by Harry Connolly (given the number of Bosch books I read, I feel specifying Harry (ANOTHER HARRY!) and not Michael is important here). I enjoyed the Twenty Palaces books, I like Connolly's writing.

I couldn't stand the writing in this book.

I've experienced this before, where I couldn't stand the writing style of a book and kept reading. Eventually the style becomes okay and I can finish the book. Happened in this one, too. I finished the book, but man, I am not excited about it. I'll keep reading the series and see what happens. Until then, neither not recommended nor recommended.

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