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Another joins the fray!


Okay, so, another friend has decided this online writing thing has some merit. Or at least, this online writing thing is another way to embarrass her friends and family (though, not so much family quite yet). Of course, she plays ultimate (that's for you, Mom), so expect the unexpected.

This brings me to Mark and Megan and family, Keith and Katie and family, Ben and Lisa and Jake, Paul, Steffi, Lori, Christina, and now (Mom, don't click this link) Alice (Mom, I told you not to click that link. Why did you click that link?) who blog.

I'm so excited! It's a trend. Yes, you, too, can bare your soul to the masses on the Intarweb. As long as you're not too disappointed that only 7 people actually read your postings, and that no one cares what you had for lunch, you'll do just fine.

With Alice's life, she'll have lots of blog fodder. Lots and lots of blogging fodder.


She might even have two. But one is boring (or at least work-related), so let's pretend she only has one...