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Still alive with twice the love


Been lax in posting Bella's "Still alive!" pictures, but not really in taking them. She mostly sleeps, which is unsurprising, so the pictures aren't that exciting really.

She's been struggling, though. She can't see. She can't hear. She doesn't finish her meals. She knows the paths to go outside, but seems to forget why she went outside. She can't turn around, needs to back up to escape from whatever corner she used the wall to guide herself into. She slips on hard surfaces. She seems mostly unable to move her back legs a third of the time. She hasn't been on a walk for a number of days. She weighs less than 22 pounds.

I think this is it. I've been crying nearly non-stop, petting her non-stop, touching her non-stop, and, when she let's me, feeding her whatever she is willing to eat. At this point, it happens to be beef and only beef. With BBQ sauce on it. Lots of sloppy BBQ sauce.

I've spent the evening saying good-bye. Stupid little dog. Stupid little cute dog, tugging on my heart.

Super Cuteness



My brother interred his cat in a pet cemetery. It was odd how much red tape wound around that — Grace's headstone was shipped late, something was wrong with the burial plot. I walked around the place while they were digging. It wasn't like a human cemetery at all — headstones for people are monotonous: honored fathers, beloved mothers, 37 grandchildren. The inscriptions for the animals were most heartfelt.

I don't know how many human relatives are still walking, but I remember all the cats and dogs because they were better people.

Oh Kitt, I'm so sorry. So glad that you had Bella and Bella had you to love her, care for her and feed her bbq beef. Hugs to you!

Sounds like you were a great mom to Bella.

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