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Holy crap! Comments!


When I updated this site to the latest Drupal code base, I managed to fix various administration problems with the site. The number one problem I've had and didn't know I had (clearly the best problem to have) is with comments. I had about 20 comments in the "approval queue" (wtf?), and didn't realize it.

They're all approved, and now, my five six (six! Megan!) readers (Hi Mom, Roshan, Mike, Kris, Megan and Heather!), you can comment again. Whoo!

If I ever port my blog theme to Drupal 4.7, I'll move the site back to its original location so that it's public again. Maybe. If.


Hey, #6!!! That's me!

And you've certainly entertained me today! Yay, blogs, yay!