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Compositio as a Drupal 6 theme

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Smashing Magazine released the Compositio wordpress theme last month. It was designed by Design Disease. I've converted it to a Drupal 6 theme. It's licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license, the same CC license that Design Disease originally released with the theme. If you use this theme, you must keep the Design Disease link and my link in the footer of the theme.

I took some "drupal" liberties with the theme. Since Drupal blocks can be ordered in whatever order the administrator wants to order them, the right side blocks' styling will maintain its color cascade instead of being fixed to a particular order as in the original theme.. The search box is fixed at the top. The new comment form's styling is a little different, too, with the labels being lined vertically with the input boxes instead of horizontally. I fixed an IE6 dropdown rendering issue just for fun.

Leave any bug reports or feature requests in the comments and I'll address them if I can.

Download the theme:

You will still need to download the original Wordpress version if you want the logo's PSD file.

Smashing Magazine announcement:
Compositio: Clean, Beautiful and Free WordPress Theme

Design Disease announcement:

Design Disease portfolio post:


Great work.

Just noticed that the page.tpl.php had an extra trailing slash / on the base path.

Quick and easy fix.

<div class="txt">
<h1><a href="<?php echo base_path(); ?>"><?php echo check_plain($site_name); ?></a></h1>
<p class="desc"><?php echo check_plain($site_slogan); ?></p>

Version to 1.1 fixes this issue / compositio-6.x-1.1.tar.gz

Thanks for porting this to drupal as it truly a nice clean theme.
I've showcased it on and created a demo for it if you wish you can directly link to the demo for others to see


i have experiencede trouble with flash files and compositio in drupal 6.

Any suggest?

Thanks in advance.


Howdy. You'll need to define "trouble with flash files" better for help, as compositio and drupal 6 are most likely not the root cause of the problem.


Thank you for your theme. It's very nice.
I have a problem with comments. 'No comments' isn't translate. I try to translate it with Translation template extractor module. It's works fine, but now I don't have link to create new comment.
I delete this module, but my translation is always in place and I can't create new comment.

If I use Garland theme I can create comments, on same content.

do you have an idea ?

Best Regards,

Yes, I have a fix. I don't have your contact info, though. contact me directly, please.

I installed Compositio on my drupal site, and then installed CKeditor. But CKeditor is not displaying in this theme. It displays in all the other themes.

Contact me so that I can help.

Thanks for sharing in the above information.

Thanks for the template. I am useing drupal cod distribution with your theme. I have a problem that my web forms and signup module "sign up" button is not rendering.
Webforms: Content body is rendered but web form elements are not rendered.
Signup : Content body is rendered but "add to chart" button is not rendered? Is there a quick fix?

I have check the node.tpl file and I have notice that there is $node->content['body']['#value']; I have checked some regular 6.x templates and ı saw that they use print $content. Do you think this is the problem?


I was searching on how to create theme for the drupal 6 version and I am very much happy to learn this form you .I wish to admit the fact that I am very much convinced by the matter that you have blogged here.

I have been waiting to know about the new theme Composition which got released by Smashing Magazine. I think the team from Design Disease has done a great job. Thanks for sharing this information as well as the link. Please keep posting such interesting stuff.

I am not familiar with the Drupal platform and I do not have any previous experience in working with this. I heard about the news on Smashing Magazine releasing the Composition Wordpress theme. I think they have done a great job. Thanks for the post.

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