Tiny House Workshop NO


I received an email today about a Tiny House workshop. In it, there's the part that reads:

Jay Shafer here - I'd like to make you aware of an exciting opportunity to join me and my friends, Bill and Brenda Campbell, at The Sanctuary in Minnesota next month for our first ever "Jay Shafer's Tiny House Camp."

... to which my first thought was, oh, hell no.

I went to one of Shafer's weekend workshops back in 2015. It was during his divorce, when he was really stressed about his kids. He was the most distracted, most scattered, least effective teacher I had ever taken a workshop with. He was unorganized and rambling in his speaking. The workshop was saved by Daniel Bell's incredible organization, desire to give practical training, and apparent need to help the workshop attendees understand what they are getting in for. Unlike the preaching about some holistic design principles and the needing to have 30 people watch his kids hammer nails into boards for 20 minutes that was Shafer.

I wouldn't take another class with Shafer if he's involved in anything other than the introductions. He might be the Tiny House Movement poster boy, but that doesn't make him a qualified teacher.

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