CSS defaults

Via http://nimbupani.com/safe-css-defaults.html
Property Value
background transparent (transparent stands for rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)) or none or 0 0
border none or 0
border-image none
border-radius 0
box-shadow none
clear none
color No value, so best option is to use inherit to cascade from a parent element’s color value.
content normal
display inline
float none
font normal
height auto
letter-spacing normal
line-height normal
max-width none
max-height none
min-width 0
min-height 0
opacity 1
overflow visible
page-break-inside auto
position static (not relative)
text-shadow none
text-transform none
transform none
transition none
vertical-align baseline
visibility visible
white-space normal
width auto
word-spacing normal
z-index auto (not none or 0)

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