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New water bottle

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I purchased new water bottles recently, after I decided I had been ignoring the Nalgene water bottle plastic scandal far too long (the gist of that being the plastic used in the famous hard plastic water bottles is actually really bad for you when the plastic is exposed to ultraviolet radiation, say, THE SUN at an ULTIMATE TOURNAMENT, or heated up; particularly bad environmental estrogens are released, along with other chemicals that cause genetic damage in lab mice).

I can't say I'm particularly happy with the choices I was presented with, though. In particular, the aluminum bottles are great for not leeching estrogens, but, hey, wasn't there that scare of aluminum being linked to Alzheimer's? And didn't my grandmother have Alzheimer's before wasting away to her death?

Yeah. Great choices. Wreak havoc on your genes, or die of Alzheimer's.

What a great choice.

Andy did comment to me that the aluminum link hasn't been confirmed. The timing was such that a lot of theories were proposed for Alzheimer's causes, but most were debunked with further research, aluminum being one of them.

I'll need to dig up the research soon and read it.

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