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Daily Photo

So, we are walking along the Stevens Creek trail, when Chase goes off into the bush. I think nothing of it, as I catch up, then pass the dog. When the leash goes taut behind me, though, I stopped to see what he was doing. He popped out of the grass, and started walking towards me. I watched him for a moment and saw he was chewing. "Great, he found some dog poop," was my thought. When he caught up to me, however, I looked to see what he was STILL chewing on.

Then made him spit it out.

I mean, great, the mighty hunter Chase caught a mouse, but he shouldn't be able to catch a mouse unless it was previously injured or, worse, sick. My thoughts ran through the stories I've heard about dogs dying by eating poisoned dog things, so I made him spit it out.

This is the mouse.

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