Generate content of specific node type

Use drush with the devel module to generate content, limiting to a specific node type with the --types option:

drush generate-content 10 --types=page

As always, --help shows the options:

[khodsden@sportsvideohub html]$ drush generate-content --help
Create content.

 number_nodes                              Number of nodes to generate.            
 maximum_comments                          Maximum number of comments to generate. 

 --feedback                                An integer representing interval for insertion rate logging. Defaults to 500 
 --kill                                    Delete all content before generating new content.                            
 --languages                               A comma-separated list of language codes                                     
 --skip-fields                             A comma delimited list of fields to omit when generating random values       
 --types                                   A comma delimited list of content types to create. Defaults to page,article. 

Aliases: genc

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