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2005 Tournament Schedule

Forum topic
From Kris:
    Here's the tournament schedule that I have so far for this year.

1 - Spring Fling:  March 20th (bid accepted)
2 - Fools:  March 26th-27th (bid accepted)
3 - Quincy MUD:  May 7th-8th (no bid sent)
4 - Ashland: May 14th-15th (bid sent)
5 - Cal States:  June 4th-5th (no bid sent)
6 - Flower Bowl:  June 11th-12th (no bid sent)
7 - Potlatch:  July 2nd-4th (bids can be sent starting April 1st)
8 - Revolution: ????
9 - Kleinman:  August 6th-7th (no bid sent)

There's also Chico, Hot Valley, and Labor Day, I don't know dates for
these yet.  Not a bad list of tournaments.  So, time to start divvying
up the bids.