MPUL Winter League 2004-2005

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Info on the (increasingly misnamed) Mid-Peninsula Ultimate League


MPUL this year: Mondays & Wednesdays, 6:30 - 9:30 pm
nominally Dec 6 2004 - March 28 2005.  **Clique draft**
$60 per player, includes fields, lights, disc and one
tournament (no shirts: you have enough ultimate shirts).
Initially, 15 players per team.  2004: one game a week,
2005: two games per week.


The miracle of the year happened, and we have fields
for MPUL.  Tragically, they are once again, not mid-
peninsula, but rather, South Bay.  However, this
years theme is "Double the teams, double the days,
double the games!".  That's right, we have fields on
Monday *and* Wednesday, from 6:30 to 9:30 pm, from
Jan 3rd 2005 - March 30th 2005 (we'll have Monday only
in December).  The fields are in Sunnyvale, off 280,
near Sunnyvale/Saratoga Rd.

Signups will be slightly different this year.  We'll
be doing a clique draft.  A clique draft is one where
a small group of players sign up together.  The rest
of the team is drafted.  We're allowing 6 players
per core, to see how this works out.  As we'll be
having 8 teams, the first 8 groups-of-six that sign
up will form the cores of the teams.  All remaining
players will be drafted onto those teams.  We will
allow single baggage for the drafted players.  We
won't be doing worst night.

More details will be up on the website late Friday.
Signups will open up next Monday.

Forward this to all your ultimate friends.