Ignite Silicon Valley 2 speaker information

Email sent to Ignite 2 speakers

Hi, all,

Only three days until Ignite Silicon Valley 2!  I am very excited, and 
hope you are, too!

Several people on this list were maybes.  If you don't think you'll be 
presenting, please let me know.

Talks on Wednesday will start at 7:15.  We'll have half the speakers 
present, take a short break, then have the remaining speakers present.  
If you have a time conflict and need to present early or late, please let 
me know and I'll order you to fit your schedule.

If you are interested in practicing on-site, I'll be at the Hacker Dojo 
most of tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Ping me before you 
head over and I'll be sure to be there.  We're in 140B, which is through 
red doors in the Savannah.  If you haven't been to the Dojo before, 
ask anyone around which way to go.


The setup for talks will be a projector for your slides behind you, and
two monitors in front of you.  One monitor will have a countdown clock 
for you to see as each of your slides counts down for 15 seconds.  
The other monitor will have your current slides facing you, so that you 
don't have to look over your shoulder to see what slide you're on.

Slides are due Wednesday.  Don't worry about having them auto-progress.
  If you have your slides do that, great.  If you don't, I'll set them up on 
Wednesday to do so.  PDF, PowerPoint or KeyNote will all work.

I'll be buying you dinner from Baja Fresh.  It'll be at the Dojo by 6:00pm.
Please let me know your order from http://bajafresh.com/menu.php by 
Tuesday evening.

If you need to be picked up from the Mountain View Caltrain station, let 
me know and I'll make arrangements.

If you have any questions, ask away!


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