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Plates that might become common if I see enough of them.

It'll take only two sightings to get them on this list.

I've seen a couple other 5LELs, but I'm not sure exactly where. These two are on Knickerbocker and Bernardo respectively.

If I see another one (and not a 5LEM###), then I'll start recording 5LEL.

Interesting only in so much as I've see 4ZAU731 and 7ZAU732, both TTs, and the 732 owned by Byers. I saw the 731 near Oracle in Redwood City.

I find this plate interesting for not only the letters (remind you of anyone you know?), but also the last three numbers.

In junior high school, we had lockers assigned to us the first year (seventh grade). We had the same locker all three years. The lockers were assigned based on our homeroom, which was our second period class.

I had Mrs. Hilala's class.

My locker was 115. Mrs. Hilala's classroom was 118. Joe Martz's locker was 118.

Numbers I just remember. All the time.

Did I mention that our class won Field Day every year? Quite amazing, actually. It showed that a group of better than average people do better than a half group of stars with a half group of incompetents. Especially with the constraints of everyone participates evenly, as the Field Days did.

Only interesting for the letters.

Driving north on El Camino. These two cars are one car away from each other, stopped at the light at Mathilda.

85N on 12/25. Entertaining only because it's a 4LEL instead of a 5LEL.

On Monday. Interesting for obvious reasons. :)

last month, on the same day

Last year some time.

Saw on 2/14, after seeing the 5YBK421 the week before. Saw another one recently.


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