LEgaL plates

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I've seen a couple of LELs. In particlar, there's a 5LEL177 on Knickerbocker and 5LEL372 on Bernardo.

I've seen a couple other 5LELs, but I'm not sure exactly where.

Last week, on Evelyn: 5LEL840

Actually, two in the same trip. 5LEL031 was on the Stevens Creek exit on the way to Blue Mango for dinner, and 5LEL856 on Wolfe near Maria on the way to Brynne's house warming.

Last week, on El Camino after sushi. Been seeing a lot of 5LEMs, too, lately.

Two weeks ago, or so

One/two weeks ago.

5LEL649 on Gail on the way to the store for risotto ingredients last Tuesday

At lunch. Saw 3 5BGTs and a 5BGU, too. Crazy.

This week sometime.

Almost missed this one. White mercedes at Target.

Way home from Santa Cruz with Kate.


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