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I've been seeing a lot of these, and not writing them down. Here's the catch up (of sorts):

5LEM611 - 101 S
5LEM840 - downtown Mountain View
5LEM470 - also in downtown
5LEM673 - Castro
5LEM587 - coming back from Cupertino
5LEM322 - also coming back from Cupertino

5LEM742 on El Camino, because that's were I see them all.

catching up on cards & palm notes

catching up from palm notes, month+ ago

5LEM389 at borders after dinner, catching up on palm notes, month+ ago

First one on the way to pick up the fields permit, the second one on the way back. Months+ ago.

Cleaning up palm notes, months+ ago

Cleaning out my palm notes, month+ ago

way home from airport, month+ ago

cleaning out palm notes, month+ ago

5LEM587 on the way home from dinner on 8/3, cleaning out palm notes


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