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Canning notes

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Email from the SSG list:

There were a couple of posts about canning tomatoes today.

For times and process instructions, presto¹s web site is a great start

If you enjoyed Barbara Kingsolver's last book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle,
her recipe for tomato sauce in here

OSH is one of the few places I¹ve found that predictably caries canning
supplies. (Jars, Lids, funnels, lid lifters, etc.) and I¹ve seen medium
pressure canners at some of the stores.

A lot of grocery stores carry canning supplies, but their stocks are pretty

Safeway has bottled organic lemon juice.

I¹ve not found a local source for large pressure canners, I bought ours

As to canning racks. In a pinch I¹ve used a snake of aluminum foil. Actually
two of them. Just twist a long length of aluminum foul around itself to form
a snake and then form it into concentric rings (looks like an electric
burner) and lay in the bottom of the pot. This will keep bubbles from
forming directly under the jars and lifting them up and dropping them.
Another snake wound through the necks of the jars will keep them from
bumping into each other.

Not elegant, but it works.