Mischief chatter during Nationals '06

From Lisa:

And I'm totally laughing as I read the recap/prediction article.  Here are
some of my fave comments:

"Mischief lives long. Sometimes that living isn't so grand, as their offense
isn't exactly all about control."

"Mischief and Salsa looks like a good game as Salsa has a lot of former Open
players who match up well with Mischief's guys. Not surprisingly, turns

"Mischief continues to rely on the huck, losing a lot of discs to turns, but
then forcing the turn back and eventually scoring."

Heh.  Sounds about right.

But then despite those comments, we still get some votes of confidence:

"It's not clear that the Gendors have the staying power to get through two
tough games and will be in big trouble as the Mischief game will probably go
long, and take a lot out of them (per turnovers galore, and Mischief pulling
away at the end)."

"Slow White has not, however, had to play a team with the consistent
firepower of Mischief."

Damn straight!

Mischief nation loves you!!


From Wes:

Here are some other good ones (all courtesy Bil Elsinger):

"Slow White seems like an unstoppable force. Mischief seems like a force
that could only be stopped by itself."

My favorite: "Mischief has an interesting upwind strategy. Whenever a turn
happens, one of their men sprints to the disc and jacks it. In most cases,
the throw blades, floats, and almost always falls short of its mark. In the
first half, this works against Mischief. In the second half, however, the
chips start to fall into Mischief's knapsack, as errant throws get macked,
blades get caught, and Mischief's men start to make the plays. Tyler Grant,
in a fairly typical upwind point, lays out for the D, then takes off
upfield. Whichever Smith brother is closest runs to the disc, grabs it, and
lets off an upwinder that often, Grant has to lay out for."

"Mischief is the team that Tandem would be if they could."

"In a windy day, Mischief might go to the well (of luck) one time too many.

"Mischief definitely stepped up today with great focus on maintaining
control of the disc. They've gotten better all tournament and it seems that
they peaked at the right time."

And, of course: "Kevin Smith puts up a high throw from the 20 over the top
of the stack and Paul Youn brings in the game winner. Mischief wins.
Mischief wins."


And another from Wes:

Who is playing well? Just about everyone! But some specific shoutouts:

- To Kevie, who made more and more short throws as the tournament went on,
in direct violation of his personal philosophy, yet managed to connect on
several big hucks in the finals.
- To Will and Dan, who were smothering on the mark all weekend. In the first
half of finals, Slow White actually looked their main handler off several
times because of how he'd played in semis, tag-teamed by these guys.
- To Brynne, who got a HUGE layout D (finally!) in the finals that probably
saved an upwind break.
- To Pickett, who was a stabilizing force on offense and managed some
spectacular layout D's, including an absurd, twisting, backwards layout to
save an upwind break in the finals.
- To Tyler, who played both ways in the biggest games, and forced Slow White
to play Teddy on D because nobody else came close to covering him. Oh yeah,
and for his ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS grab, skying the crap out of two Gendors
inclduing their best receiver and toeing the line on the landing to win
- To Mark, who got our semis and finals opponents wrong, but otherwise laid
out our road quite nicely.
- To Lori Eich. All she does is score (over half her catches for goals). It
says something that our finals opponent was her old team and yet she still
managed to score a billion times.
- To Wade, who consistently shut down his guy, got huge D's, ran the D
line's offense, fired us up, and managed to find time in between for calling
efficient, effective lines on D.
- To Crystal and Beth, who stepped up big-time on offense, made tough
catches in traffic, moved the disc efficiently, and embarassed male markers
in the zone early and often.
- To Jess, who caught a 74 mph, 50 yard, cross field, downwind hammer, then
turned upfield and calmly swung the disc for a score.
- To Adam Fagin, who managed to D up his NUTC counselor on a sick upline
layout, and has the picture to prove it.
- To Shwu and the D line ladies, who kept other teams' women very, very
quiet all tournament.
- Double true for Kyle, who often took the other team's biggest offensive
threat, and as you can see in the clip Roshan sent out, made them rue.
- To Adam Brown, who jogged halfway down the field before realizing a huck
went up and STILL beat his guy by five steps, and showed huge heart by
playing like a superstar despite not sleeping and almost dying.
- To Paul, who picked the last point of the season to finally be 6'3",
getting up in the upwind endzone over an old MIT teammate, tipping the disc
to himself, and laying out to pancake the Nationals winner.

(I'm sure I've left out a lot of notable shoutouts; please feel free to add
your own.)

Also, some good quotes:

"Jasper is officially having a bad game...I'm telling you, that guy is in
his head. He's totally flustered by his mark right now." -- Slow White
captain Mike Miller, watching his main offensive handler being guarded by

"I'm giving you ten seconds. Ten seconds, to be afraid, to be nervous, to be
timid, to be scared. That's all you get." -- Wade, firing us up before semis

"Holy crap, that girl's got a cannon!" -- Slow White sideline, after
watching Crystal jack a 60 yard backhand

"Listen, we're not gonna do anything special. Run our offense, trust our
athletes, let them make plays. That's it." -- Mark

"THROWER! THROWER! THROWER! THROWER!" -- Slow White sideline as the disc
swung from Mark to Beth to Crystal to Tyler

"Who is covering that guy? You have to get on!" -- AMP sideline, watching
Tyler carve up their D

"Nothing hurts in the finals, baby." -- Kris

"The last thing I thought about before I went to sleep last night was going
into the UPA office, stopping at the entranceway, and rubbing my finger over
the Nationals plaque where it says, 'Mischief 2006'." -- Kitt

"Last night I dreamt that Nord was playing with us. And all my swilly
hammers were MONEY! He got to stuff Tyler NEVER would have!" -- Mark

"I swear, that's like, I don't know, four deflections they've caught for
scores. How do they keep doing that? It's ridiculous!" -- Sven from Brass
Monkey, watching our pool play games

"bayba." -- Mirabelle, kinda sorta maybe saying her first word

"Because I'm working my ass off. And I want to win." -- Paul, earlier this
season, getting his wish

Thanks to everyone for their encouragement, excitement, and energy! It was
awesome getting back and having dozens of e-mails chronicling your emotions
and ending in joyous congratulations! Double thanks to all the practice
players who came out and pushed us this season. We couldn't have done it
without you.


And trophy talk on the way home, Kyle relayed the story:

Just to add to some of my favorite post tourney quotes/moments:

1. On Adam B, Kevie and my flight home, one of the woman flight attendants
asks to wear Kevie's medal and makes an announcement (interrupting the FAA
required safety orientation instuctions) explaining how there are 3 very
special people on the plane, that we are "frisbee champions" and that
"Southwest is now the official airline of champions."

2. The same woman proceeds to wear the medal for half the flight while
bringing us free alcohol courtesy of Southwest.

3. We find out that the pilots would have been happy to fly the trophy in
the cockpit.

P.S. How did we get the trophy home?


And more from Kyle and Lori:

Here's a direct quote I just got from my boss's boss after seeing the clip
of the day that was being sent around at work....and I quote:

"You should have put flying on your resume."

Best work ever.


On 10/30/06, Lori Eich  wrote:
> Dear Mischief,
> You rock my face. Thanks for playing such a clean and good-spirited game
> against my Boston buddies, and thanks for rubbing it in their faces, twice,
> that we're better than them, twice. They effing deserve it for not hucking
> to me enough last year.
> Kevin, thanks for hucking to me so I could spike it on Teddy. I should
> have waggled it in front of him before I spiked it.
> Speaking of spiking it, thanks to whoever thought it was a good idea to
> give me the Spirit of the Game award. I wore my new pink fuzzy hat all the
> way home.
> Anti-thanks to the Tampa Airport security officers, who made me throw away
> inocuous hair supplies. Now I'm at work and my hair looks like poo. I hate
> you, 4-oz. bottles. Good thing I have my new pink fuzzy hat.
> Extra special thanks to all the superfans who supported us from all over
> the country. Thanks for all your help this season, you were a huge part of
> this win.
> And thanks to Linnea, who is still undefeated. Best sideline EVER.
> I heart Mischief.
> -L