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I think I'm getting better at cutting tofu.

Things to do while listening to audiobooks

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Go for a run
Go for a walk
Cook / bake
Prep food in some way (cutting, mixing, but not actually cooking)
House chores (laundry, dishes, sweeping, vacuuming somewhat difficult with the noise, but doable)
Weight lifting
Doodling / sketching
Riding in a car (ehhhhhhh, driving)
Sort things
Knit / crochet

What else is there? What other brain-semi-disengaged activities can be done when listening to audiobooks?

The Drop

Book Review

Harry Bosch, Book 17

Okay, I have to say, Bosch has this most annoying habit of keeping all of his theories and suspicious to himself until he can play them out and confirm every little detail with them. I would f---ing hate working with him because of this trait. I want my coworkers to be working WITH me to an end goal, not hoarding knowledge and ideas that could help the rest of us achieve the goal we have set out for ourselves to accomplish.

This particular habit has become tiresome in this detective.

That all said, this was one of the better Bosch books. Oh, we had someone die. We might have even had a bad cop do it. And we most definitely had tunnels, though perhaps not in the most literal of ways.

Just before its unavoidable demise...

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Optimize for Delight

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This was originally posted on The Pastry Box for 27 June 2015.