Rant of the moment: three f---ing dollars

A reviewer on the app store gave an app a 3 star review with this commentary:

This app is kind of a disappointment. There is no demo version to try it first, which is sketchy for an app that costs so much (even when it’s on sale). I thought it would be able to do more but it seems kind of limited. If it wasn’t three dollars on sale and five dollars regularly, I wouldn’t be so disappointed.

The app costs three dollars.


Less than the cost of a cup of Starbucks coffee.

Three dollars.

Any Other Name

Walt Longmire, Book 10

Yep. Keep reading the series. The next book is due out in about a month. Shock! I preordered it.

This Walt Longmire book is another mystery book. It starts with a death. I have to say, I find it a rather relief in contrast from the Bosch books where the bad guy is ALWAYS A COP. Not in this series. I'm still enjoying the wit, cultural references and history lessons in these books. We finally see some emotion in the man, and, holy shit, his visions are actual, real life, physical entities! Hot damn! No, wait, no they aren't. It's weird. Worth reading.

Wired for Love

Okay, I found this book a bit hard to read. Not because the words or phrases are complicated or awkward; they aren't, it's an easy read, word- and style-wise. No, it was difficult because apparently I've been doing relationships all wrong. Well, primary relationships, anyway. At least according to this book.

Okay, maybe not ALL wrong. I'd been doing a lot correctly, tidbits and habits picked up over the years. The big things, though, those I'd been doing poorly. The one I smiled biggest at the recognition of doing well with is launchings and landings: a kiss good morning, a kiss good night, a kiss hello, a kiss goodbye. I've done will with seeking out the Boy when I return from our being apart, which goes with the kiss hello. That is my favorite habit.

Powering a small country with Exit Sign juice

In passing, Luke asked the team, "Do you think that all the power that goes into lighting the exit signs in the US is more than that of a small country?"

I love questions like this. My immediate answer was, "No."

"They don't?" he responded.

"I don't know. You asked, 'Do you think?' and I think it doesn't." A much different answer of "I think" versus "It is."

I also love that instead of immediately googling the answers, we talked about it. The team had done some energy-related calculations at the beginning of the year, and was able to recall some of them. I was quickly wondering, how much does a sign use? How many signs are in an average sized building? How many buildings are there? WHO ELSE HAS ALREADY DONE THIS CALCULATION?

That last one was the right one to ask. The EPA had done the calculation (of course). You can't believe everything you read on the intarwebs, but let's go with this one:

Gentle reminder that donotcall.gov exists.