Let me repeat that back to you

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This was originally posted on The Pastry Box for 1 August 2015.

Door. Alarm.

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Okay, so, as I approach an exit door, I notice there isn't any alarm on it. I push open the door and HOLY HELL THE ALARMS GO OFF. I immediately rush to shut the door, stop the alarms. I haven't done anything wrong, there's nothing wrong with going through this door, it has no signs that say "HERE BE DRAGONS" or "ABANDON HOPE ALL WHO ENTER" or even, "No Exit." I've gone through this door before, but THE ALARMS. CLOSE! CLOSE! CLOSE!

From immediately behind me, an arm reaches over my shoulder to grab the door, just before I have it closed.

"What is it with people slamming doors when alarms go off?" he asks.

I look back him.

"And with you on the WRONG SIDE OF THE DOOR," he continues.


He's right.

Feast of the Drowned

Book Review

Another one of those books that I'm not sure why I have it, but, eh, shrug, I guess I can read it since I'm mildly interested in it (though more for answering, "Why did I buy this again?" than for "I am WAY excited about this book!").

This was a stunningly fast read. As such, I'm fairly certain I bought this book as a free book (thanks to Bookbub), because I can't imagine paying $9 for this book.

Yes, it's a Doctor Who book, but it reads like someone is describing a television episode of the Doctor. Imagine the whole thing being read in David Tennant's voice, and you have the gist of the book.

The Doctor's character is as expected, the mystery solved, some people die, some people don't, the world goes on. Essentially, you're typical Doctor Who episode.

Dead Souls

Book Review

Okay, this book.

Right, this book.

I have no idea why I have this book. I have tried to read this book three times. This time was the fourth time, and I guess that the fourth time is a charm. And, hey! I managed to finish it! Go me!

I couldn't stand this book the first three times I started this book. Aaaaaaaaaaand, well, once I managed to read to about a third of the say in, I was okay enough with it to finish it. Finally.

Right, so this book is part of the Inspector Rebus series. It was clear enough that reading the rest of the books isn't really required, which I appreciated. I didn't care for the writing style, unsurprisingly. I liked that I knew the areas (-ish) of the book. The plot was okay, and the mystery mysterious enough to be interesting. Enough clues, but not too many to make the plot obvious. It had that going for it.

Excerpts from Practical Empathy

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Excerpts that resonated for me from “Practical Empathy.” by Indi Young, Rosenfeld Media, LLC, 2015.

Empathy is, ironically, often used for persuasion. In marketing, in politics, in the media—the purpose of understanding someone else is often to induce a change in his beliefs or behavior. This is not the only use of empathy. Empathy is also used to encourage growth or maturity in young people, teaching them to respect perspectives that are different than their own. Empathy is used to affect subject, tone, and vocabulary to be able to initiate communication with a person.

Questioning someone to get more information about what is driving the request is not a form of disrespect, it is collaboration.