Off to Milwaukee

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Yep, my travel karma is back. I need to have Claire chuck it out the window again so that I can start over with naked travel karma.

I poorly timed calling for a car to the airport. Instead of taking the 10 minutes I was expecting, it took 30 minutes for the driver to arrive. Coupled with his distractedly driving and his slow speeds, I arrived at the airport 20 minutes before boarding began. TSA was surprisingly efficient with the opt-out "assist," the woman was available to walk me to the back before my luggage had made it through the x-ray machine. One of these days, I'm going to put a bunch of embarrassing things in my suitcase, just the embarrassing things, overfilled, just to watch the x-ray watcher's reactions.

The Spy Who Came in From the Cold

Book Review

Okay, another book of Mom's. I feel this is one of those "classic" books I should have already read already, along with some Lovecraft (check) and Dostoyevsky (check). So, through this slog of a month (holy moly, barely any books this month, and yet I am right on schedule with my original goal of one book a week - goals are weird sometimes), I finished this one just as the month was ending.

Holy crap, the ending of this book.

This book is worth reading for the ending alone.

The book, aptly titled, is about a spy who came in from the cold, which is to say, he'd been a spy in the post World War II, East vs West Berlin, Cold War not-quite-around era. A large part of the spy's network had been killed off, with the protagonist, Alec Leamas witnessing the death at the beginning of the book of his last spy, who almost got out of East Berlin.

Site performance matters

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That whole thing about web site performance and how no one turns off javascript, especially on mobile devices?

Again, I'll mention that, actually, yes, until the mobile device has downloaded all your javascript and executed, your site does not have javascript on it. If you depend on javascript for your content or webfonts, your site both is unusable and looks like ass.

I don't have a slow connection normally. When I travel, I do. If this is your website for 20 seconds, I am neither staying on your site nor coming back to view it.

Just a note. performance matters.








The Devil's Star

Book Review

Oh, good lord, when is the list of books from my mom going to end? I swear, I've read more of her books this year than I have of mine. No, wait, that's not quite true. Feels like it, though.

And what is it with all the Harry books? Harry Dresden. Harry Potter. Harry Bosch. And now, Harry Hole.

I am not kidding on that name. The main character's name is Harry Hole. Just let me die of laughter now.

He's a detective. The plot is set in nominally Oslo. There are deaths and they are murders. At least there isn't any Mab. Or tunnels. There is a BAD COP, though, so maybe this is just a Norwegian Bosch tale. No, wait, no tunnels.

Puer tea

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When in Portland earlier this month for XOXO, Jonny Gotham and I walked over to the Tao of Tea off Belmont, as I had wanted to pick up some tea sipping cups similar to the ones I had purchased at the Chinese Tea Garden years ago. When I asked recently at the Tea Garden entrance if I could forgo the Tea Garden admittance fee, as I had just wanted to make a purchase at the Tea Garden's shop, and would leave straight away, I was told no, to make that $8 purchase, I would have to buy an $10 dollar admittance ticket. Not worth it to me, and visiting the SE Belmont store was added to my "Do in Portland at some point."

While there, I did pick up my tea cups, and also some teas that I hadn't tried before, but looked interesting. One of them was a puer tea.