... you meant 'repack'

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bash-3.2$ git emacs index.html
WARNING: You called a Git command named 'emacs', which does not exist.
Continuing under the assumption that you meant 'repack'
in 0.5 seconds automatically...

Well, that was unexpected.

And kinda nice, actually.

Bridge of Sighs

Book Review

Not recommended.

I did not like this book. This book was yet another Mom book in my stack of books. I started the book and was struck immediately with how much it read like the Brothers Karamazov. After which I thought to myself, "If I wanted to read the Brothers Karamazov, I would read the Brothers Karamazov, and I have already read the Brothers Karamazov, so I don't need to read this." Which is pretty much true. I've read that book, but I read that book because it is a classic Russian, which this book is not.

I did not enjoy this book at all. I had to force myself to keep reading it. I asked Mom about it after I finished it. She didn't like it either. She really likes some of the other books by Olen Steinhau. Not this one.

Not recommended. At all.



Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Book Review

I found this book on the list from https://medium.com/@Hipstercrite/book-recommendations-for-smart-ladies-who-like-smart-ladies-82d365d9bc28 Having recently read Being Mortal, having recently had to accept the frailty of old age as I watch the grandparents and parents age, and having recently noticed just ALL THE GREY HAIR I've had (really, I've had it for a while, shaving my head rather brought them out), reading this book didn't seem too far out of the current progression.

I am glad I did.

I highly recommend this book. All my family members are getting this book, possibly others. I might buy many copies of this book for the library at work, I think it's that great of a great book.

One way to lose me as a customer

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Start by sending me emails that I can't opt out of without losing access to the infrequent relevant emails about your services that I actually care about.

Increase the frequency of these emails after your company has been bought out.

Have a breach in your systems such that I receive spam to the email address I use for only your company, deny there was any hack on your systems.

Send increasingly urgent emails about an action I need to take to continue using your service. When I open said emails, let me know you just want me to fill out a survey about your most recent sale.

And finally, send me an email with the subject "FINAL NOTICE," and contents letting me know that the deadline to complete said survey is today.

Well, today is also the day I move away from your services and cancel my account.

Good work, you. You've successfully lost me as a customer.

Adjusting icons

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Ever since it dawned on me that I can change icons for files along with disks on an OSX box, I've been cracking myself up.