Heat Lightning

Book Review

Virgil Flowers, Book 2

Moving right along with the Virgil Flowers series, I have to say that I am tickled I'm back up to 10 books a month by finishing this one. So far, both of the fuckin' Flowers books (a reference made inside the books) have been about 410-ish pages long, making them about a 5.5 hour read for me. Lounging around on vacation, these are just about right. And, I can get them from the condo association's library for free. Win!

What I am liking about these books so far, other than the fast-paced, amusing dialog, is the fact that Flowers isn't right the first time. He makes mistakes (OMG, unlike other cops) and he takes a wrong turn, and he guesses. Okay, fine, the author has written him to be human instead of super-human. The man needs to sleep, the man needs to pee. It's great.

All that crap

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"Thank you for lugging all your crap so I don't have to."

-- Mom, sitting on the lanai using my second laptop.

Coincidences in numbers

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So, I'm standing in line yesterday morning, pulling out my money to pay for breakfast. As I do, I look at the serial numbers on two of the bills I had. After I notice a trend in the letters of the serial numbers, I pull out the third one.




Okay, those likely mean little to anyone but me, but those are the initials of my two best friends growing up, and me (as ME, not as my initials, clearly). I have to say, I am amused by this.

Fourth full day at Kona

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Was sick. Spent it mostly reading Dark of the Moon.

Mom had invited a friend / acquaintance over for social hour or something (wine and bread and cheese), so there was some socializing. Was a good day to lounge around and do not much.

You know: vacation.

Dark of the Moon

Book Review

Virgil Flowers, Book 1

A couple days ago, Mom had commented to me that I should start the John Sandford Virgil Flowers series. She had read them and enjoyed them, the lead character's wit and humour entertaining her. I had looked (casually, not intently) in the condo association's lending library for the first one, Dark of the Moon, without success and didn't think much of it. So, when Mom and I were at the giant bookstore in Kona yesterday, she found the book, and handed it to me to buy. Bookstore. Recommended book. Place to donate the book when I was done so that I didn't have to lug it home at the end of my vacation. All of this was leading nicely to a "Yes, please."