Junkyard Dogs

Walt Longmire, Book 6

This is one of the shorter Walt Longmire books so far. It was also different, in that the BIG CRIME (yes, still a murder) doesn't happen at the beginning of the book. The introduction by Johnson gave away some of the plot, which was a little disappointing, but the book was still a fun read.

One of the things I like about Johnson's writing is that he doesn't make Longmire out to be some super human who can take four bullets to the chest then stand up and beat the crap out of the bad guy. The injuries Longmire has sustained over the previous 5 books are a factor, and he keeps being beat up. Of course, Longmire still finds the bad guy, but he's moving far more slowly than before.

Silver lining

I'm pretty sure I won't have to worry about my hair going all white.

I'm going to pull it all out, one hair at a time, before it gets there.


I have a lifetime goal of "travel more." Such an unactionable goal. More than what?

Year One, establish a baseline: 2015


When attempting to post a question to a site's forum, I was met with this screen:

The site wanted to be helpful, and efficient. Rather than my asking a question that had already been answered, it took my question, extracted key words, searched for those results and suggested them to me. Maybe one of those questions with answers has already answered my question.

This is great. I highly encourage such ideas and suggestions. Maybe my question has already been answered. In my case, I can't be upset they were suggesting other answers, even though in my case I had already clicked through the links they had suggested (yes, I clicked through the ones I could actually see, even with scrolling). Some people won't search, they just ask again instead of being resourceful. I understand this, so like that the suggestions were provided.


"You are a small woman."

"No, everyone else is just big in comparison."