Post a half, or not a post?

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What's worse, writing half an entry and not finishing it, or not writing at all? I'm not sure yet. I have probably three or four dozen half written notes, posts and entries sitting on my computer, my phone and my notecards, all waiting to be finished, polished and finally submitted.


Take this one, for example, from last Friday night, which I wrote on my phone:

Having actually taken the bus this morning for my journey from Kate's to Webzine, I find myself waiting for a taxi to take me from Kate's to the Webzine party half way across town.

And I really need to look up every once in while when I type. I just wrote "@ 5@?4 ,(-1'5 +&@3@?6 5"2 & 3&7@ 3"3 3&:1 ,1 52", K&31's to" when I wasn't looking and had the symbol key locked on.

I know that taxis are a normal mode of transportation for a lot of people, but my experiences with them really are quite limited to travels from the airport and my one journey home from work.

Unsurprisingly, I feel a little nervous. Worse, I'm holding up the langpad.



And now I've been here for 20 minutes, standing in the cold, waiting for this freaking taxi to show up. It's cold (SF, don't you know), and I'm late. And I'm annoyed.

Why didn't I just wear the cool clothes all day?

I actually had a lot more to say. But, well, the moment is passed, and my anger at the taxi ride has dissolved. So, do I bother to post these half written glimpses of my life? I'm inclined to post them, as even unfinished, they help document events in my life I'm sure to forget, and documenting was one of my motivations for starting this whole site in the first place.


That, and tags.

And correct paths.


Turbo AC

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Note to self: the turbo in the car works much better when the air conditioner is off.

As in, waaaaaay better.

I wanted to post on

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I wanted to post on, but Kris told me I shouldn't. The people of have a knack for picking apart posts and shredding even the most innocent phrases.

So, here's what I wanted to post in response to this post which I believe was made by someone who clearly was not as resourceful as he should have been.

> Technology obviously failed since people could not generate ids
> in time to be added to the roster  (which again was midnight on
> Wednesday, not days before for 'slackers' and not 6 pm when the upa
> is no longer there to help when there are problems).

On the days leading up to each Wednesday deadline, IDs were generated
every two hours from 8 am until about 10pm Colorado time.

Email support for the online rostering system was also available until
past midnight each day, Pacific time.

All players who were listed as "Not Found" on a roster were reviewed
to determine if the team organizer tried in good faith to add the 
players to the roster (an ID number was close, or the player's name
was only a little off).  The UPA added such players to the rosters.

Yes, the technology and processes are new, but the UPA made every 
attempt to minimize any negative impact.  I'm not convinced the 
technology was a failure. 

But, I am, of course, biased.


I'm biased, because I wrote the system. I'm biased because I was doing the email support. I'm biased because I never received any help requests from the person who made the post.



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I have no idea if it'll actually launch in December, but I'm ready if it does:

I'm bummed I missed Eris' presentation at Webzine today, which talked about "Doing Information Architecture On the Cheap," or, "IA or internet architecture is the backbone of any easy to navigate web site. Let Ryan and Eris guide you down the road of DIY IA." I would very much liked to have heard her presentation.

Off to Webzine 2005!

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Off to Webzine 2005 today, and looking forward to it. I hadn't quite realized how disconnected my work life and interests are from my circle of friends until I offered two tickets to Webzine to everyone I knew, and no one was interested. I couldn't even get Kris interested in going.

I stayed at Kate's last night and managed, for the first time in a long, long time, to fall asleep before 2 am. Well, after wrastling with the cats to get them outside the room and not inside all the crap I brought. I had been in the City earlier to drop Cal off at home and invite myself to dinner with him and his girlfriend (whose name I guarantee I will misspell and will therefore wait for him to read this and let me know the correct spelling).

Since I managed to find a really good parking spot, and Webzine is fairly close to Kate's place, Kate suggested I take the bus to the workshop/conference/party.



I've never been on a bus in San Francisco before. Never needed to. Never considered it. Not used to thinking of public transportation beyond maybe taking the train to a Giants game. Oh wait, haven't gone to a Giants game this season, and it's nearly over. Hooray! Oops, I mean, "Wow."

So, breakfast with Kate this morning, catch up on team gossip (whoo-ee, there is dramm-ma on the team, and I've been missing it!), and a bus ride to Webzine 2005.

I missed my stop (the numbers increase making 15th before 16th, not after - d'oh!), and had to walk back from 17th and Market, along Market, which was awesome. Talk about a great place to people watch. The weather was beautiful, the overhead conversations entertaining, and the walk enjoyable. I'm glad I missed my stop.

Now, off to hear Messina, Matt and Andy talk about Flock, Open Source and Wordpress.