As for "Now" in my life...

Well, I overcommitted to projects at work. Unsurprisingly. We had a three day weekend this week, and I'm spending all three working.

I have three major goals this week, surrounding the work that I'm doing at work:

  1. Condo listing paperwork
  2. Car import paperwork
  3. Tiamat parts ordered

My confidence is relatively high for completing these, but not 100%.

I am also working on building muscles and strengthening my tendons. Protein-intake is a big part of that.

I keep saying, "Once I finish this, I will _______," which is a phrase and mentality I'm working to drop. Putting off taking care of one's self or being a better person is a seriously bad way to live.

This is my now status for Sunday, January 17, 2021 - 12:34