Sky's the Limit workout

Workouts are ordered mobility first, power the next day, rest day after that. No more than two of each workout a week (meaning, do keep the double rest days each week).

Mobility exercises are done on balls: one baseball under one foot for the stabilizer squats (switch which foot has the ball under it between sets to keep your legs balanced strength-wise) and under the front foot in the standing, stabilizer lunges. Balance is done on a basketball or medicine ball of equivalent size. No balls under the feet for power days.

Rest weeks on 5th, 10th, and 15th weeks (the end of the workout).

Mobility Power
Calf Squat Lunges Press Shrug
1 2x10 6 2x10 3x30 3x10 3x30 3x50 3x10 3x30 3x30 1
2 2x15 7 2x15 3x40 3x20 3x35 3x60 3x15 3x35 3x35 2
3 2x20 8 2x20 3x50 3x20 3x40 3x70 3x20 3x40 3x40 3
4 2x25 9 2x25 3x60 3x25 3x45 3x80 3x25 3x45 3x45 4
5 rest 5
6 2x30 10 2x30 3x70 3x30 3x50 3x90 3x30 3x50 3x50 6
7 2x35 11 2x35 3x80 3x35 3x55 3x100 3x35 3x55 3x55 7
8 2x40 12 2x40 3x90 3x40 3x60 3x110 3x40 3x60 3x60 8
9 2x45 13 2x45 3x100 3x45 3x65 3x120 3x45 3x65 3x65 9
10 rest 10
11 2x50 14 2x50 3x110 3x50 3x70 3x130 3x50 3x70 3x70 11
12 2x55 15 2x55 3x120 3x55 3x75 3x140 3x55 3x75 3x75 12
13 2x60 16 2x60 3x130 3x60 3x80 3x150 3x60 3x80 3x80 13
14 2x60 16 2x60 3x130 3x60 3x80 3x150 3x60 3x80 3x80 14

My note card from a long time ago with this workout: