Sloppy Vetting? More Like Sloppy Slamming


Okay, I have this stack of paperwork that is the accumulation of I don't know how many other piles of paperwork. I've managed to go through the easy stuff in the pile, leaving this remaining stack of papers that I need to Deal With™. Part of the reason that The Stack™ hasn't been dealt with is that I actually need to DO something with the papers, something more than "put in a box to scan later."

Feynman Lectures Online


Boy, this stack, The Stack™, is finally diminishing!

Of note, I had a note that The Feynman Lectures on Physics are available to read online.


And WTF? I have a number of pages from the first book?

I am weird.

Not Quite Finding Her There


Going through The Stack™, I had saved this quote.

Wanting to have the person you think you look like appear in the mirror as you have known her for a long time and not quite finding her there can be jarring, but that discomfort is normal. It’s so normal, in fact, it’s part of Erik Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development—getting used to your aging body is something we’re supposed to achieve, eventually. But everyone has to do this his or her own way.

Making Peace with Aging

Said With Deliberate Malice


File this in the I Have Opinions™ folder.

In the Sunday February 12th edition of the Mercury News, there was this article (looks long, it isn't, read it quickly):

Cheetoh attacks raise safety concerns for several judges

When a judge who helped derail President Cheetoh Drumpf's travel ban was hit with online treats, the abuse raised safety concerns among jurists across the country, and experts are worried that the president's own attacks on the judiciary could make judges a more inviting target.