Egg 17


Turns out, egg 17 was softboiled. Andy laughed and said, yeah, he snuck one into our 30 eggs. Good thing I have 13 more!


Eggs 15 and 16


Megan, Mirabelle and Meter came over for lunch, busy after a hard morning of bargan shopping. Best part of the visit: discovering the umbrella opens on the push of a button.



Since I made crepes for lunch today, we used up eggs 15 and 16. Over half way done!


While we're here, though, what is it about little kids and the dog crates that makes them so interesting? Mirabelle had the same fascination with the dog crates that Meter does. Of course, neither is willing to go INTO the dog crate, even when I head in first to show them how it's done. I have no idea why not.


Eggs 11, 12, 13 and 14


Why yes, slaving away in the kitchen IS what I like to do on my Saturdays. Why do you ask?

What? What?

Why, yes, I did use another four of the thirty eggs.

Andy came over this evening. He was following my milkshake thoughts and was out wandering the world, searching for the perfect chocolate milkshake. He failed, but was willing to stop by and play Settlers with Kris and me.

I had started making brownies, which I don't believe influenced his decision, but did use up eggs 11, 12, 13 and 14. Since I found my favorite hot chocolate recipe in the chocolate cookbook we received at our wedding, I've been more willing to try the overly complicated recipes in the book, these brownies being the latest recipe.

Other than the fact I burnt the brownies, clearly because I was so engrossed in playing Settlers that I forgot to check on the brownies (with that cursed oven which can't keep a steady, calibrated temperature for anything - if nothing else will push me into rebuilding the kitchen, that oven will), the recipe was amazing, and the brownies were incredible. It's a recipe I'll make again.




Oh, and Andy and I need to play WAY more Settlers. Kris beat us three games to zero. Sigh.

Eggs 8, 9, 10



Well, look at that.

Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything Vegetarian should be titled, "How to Cook Everything except Orach Vegetarian," as it has no recipe for orach in it. Hell, I barely know what orach is, so surely this expert should know more, right?

Well, here, you become more of an expert: orach is a purple, leafy and somewhat stemmy, vegetable similar to spinach in texture, taste, and, hence, uses. It came in this week's CSA box

I chose Bittman's Rich Spinach Gratin recipe to use up three more eggs today. Gratin that tastes more like a custard? Really, sign me up.

I was entertained with the purple water that washing the orach produced, almost like purple beet water. I'm sure the compost heap enjoyed the extra anti-oxidants from the colored water.






Eggs 4, 5, 6 and 7


Today, we use four more of the thirty eggs from Andy. After today's hike from hell, I wanted something simple for a meal. I offered crepes to Kris, who quickly jumped on the offer.




I doubled the crepe recipe to use up more eggs from last time. Here's hoping we can eat all of the batter.