Starting young


I went over to Keith and Katie's this evening to meet up with Katie to talk book keeping. There were a couple quirks with the software I had, and didn't know how to enter some things into the books correctly, and needed her help.

After dinner, my bookkeeping lesson, and a quick shower for the kids, Katie, the kids and I sat down at the couch to socialize. At one point, Mia crawled over Katie, and stepped just so to push Katie's shirt down, initiating a wardrobe malfunction. Katie mumbled something about not showing Mom's nipples, which Alex heard.

Alex: "I have two nipples!"

Me: "I have two nipples, too. They're just covered by my shirt."

Alex: "You can take your shirt off."

Me: "Uh...."

Keith: "Ah, Alex. Practicing his lines on the ladies already."


Danger Danger!


Kris and I joined a whole host of other people at Keith and Katie's tonight for Alex's second birthday party. I knew it was going to be a fun time when Alex greeted me with this expression:

I mean, come on, how can that not say, "Hold on to your knickers, lady, because we're about to PAR-TAY!"

I mean, really.

Kris and I opened the floodgates of guests with our arrival. Before we arrived, there were four guests. After we arrived, about 12 people followed within ten minutes of our arrival.

Or maybe we just have perfect timing.

Say, like me with Mia.

I met Mia a while ago, but hadn't had the opportunity to hold her. Tonight, however, I asked Keith if I could as he was looking around distracted at something else. To my joy, he said yes, and I walked around with this itty bitty tiny little girl as she fell asleep. For some bizarre reason I'm unable to fathom, I didn't take a picture of her as I was walking around with her. Given I'm shoving that camera in everyone's face all the time (6745 pictures in 5 months), this is actually a huge surprise.

Mia has these adorable, long, dark eyelashes. Thought I'd mention that. That, and I imagine this little person resembles what Katie looked like as a baby, possibly darker coloring, but still very close.

As much as the party was for the adults, it was also for the kids, and ooh, boy, were there kids! I hadn't realized just how big the second generation had grown among my circle of friends, and that's not even counting the ones who have moved the various corners of the country.

As Kris said, I can get my baby fix without actually having to bring one home.

So charming.

Among the kids were Liza and Maeryn and Sophie and Mirabelle and Meter and Mia and, of course, Alex, er, Danger. There was also Doyle and Mike and Kris and Tyler and Warren, but let's not say that too loudly.

No birthday party is complete without a cake. When Alex was plunked down in front of the cake, he didn't quite know what to do with it. I mean, hello, a big whopping lump of SUGAR! What kid, after being told daily "No, you can't have this lump of pure sugar called candy," isn't going to look at this newly offered lump of sugar in the form of a "cake" with "FIRE!" on the top, and not be just the slightest bit confused?

Even one born to geniuses is going to see through that ruse.

After Alex managed to blow out the candles, no small feat, as "blow harder" has no meaning to a two year old, I tried to encourage him to grab a fistful of cake. He's quickly approaching an age where this is not socially acceptable behaviour (in certain company, meaning, not Kris' family's house), so do it when you can, kid!

He reached out with the most hesitant of touches, and wiped his finger in the icing, then tasted it. Keith commented, "Here it comes. He'll stick his fist now that he's tasted it," just as Katie whisked away the cake for cutting.

Too slow, kid. Have to be quicker next time.

The rest of the evening was pretty mellow, with talking, playing on the swing, puzzles with the kids, and tasty cheese and crackers. I think the best part of the party was the realization that we were all surrounded by friends. It's an incredible group of people. I feel blessed to be a part of this group.