Still alive, suckahs!


Tolerating me


At this point, the doggie is merely tolerating the camera shoved up her nose.

Bella on couch

Which is to say, still alive.

Why, I don't know


Why that dog puts up with me, I may never know.

But she does.

And I'm glad she does.

Bella Nose

And, yes, still alive.

This is what she thinks


Yeah, this is what Bella thinks about all these pictures.

My latest favorite picture of Bella


From earlier in the month, she has the most awesome facial expressions.

Rally beagle!


Well, it was touch-and-go today with the Bella. She was nauseous and throwing up today (a sign of complete kidney failure) and refusing to eat (good thing I porked her up from 23 to nearly 26 pounds in the last two months). Kris took her to the vet again this afternoon, where she received fluids and anti-nausea medicine. Whether being at the vet pissed her off, or the medicine and all helped, she's rallied and is back home go go going.

Rally beagle FTW!

Rough night


Yesterday was pretty rough for the little girl.

She refused to eat her dinner and had been instead eating clumps of grass from the back yard. When she puked up four grass balls and refused even rice and cottage cheese, Kris took her to the emergency vet. She ended up staying the night as they tried to put fluids and nutrients into her.

And thus begins the heroic measures to extend her life. Well, not so much "heroic" as "expensive."

She's still howling. She's still feisty, refusing to go to the vet this morning and being all huffy. While her quality of life may be decreased, she's still Bella and she still has fight in her. When she's awake, she seems to enjoy walking around the block. Sure, it takes her 30 minutes to go less than half a mile, but, wow, the sniffing she manages in that walk? Yeah, same as the young Bella.

So, not that you can tell in this picture either, but she's still alive, just a little drugged up on painkillers.

Not that you can tell


Not that you can tell, but the dog is still alive.

Still kicking!


Bella woke up enough for a walk around the block. She was pretty spry on it, too, even howling when we returned home.

And other than that, she's pretty much unsurprisingly a slug. She's been walking into things, hanging out underfoot, bonking herself on the nose, and sleeping. Mostly sleeping. It's hard to watch her be unable to go down the stairs to go outside to pee, walking circles in the kitchen. It's probably only a matter of time before she starts defecating on the floor.

Related, I've been passed out most of the weekend myself. The weekends are the worst time to be sick, though, really, weekdays aren't much better.

Yep, still here


Last night was a rough night for Bella. I forgot to refill her painkillers on Tuesday, and ran out today. She's been taken a half pill twice a day, where the full dose is 1 pill every 8 hours, for 3 total per day. I didn't give her one in the morning. She was out of sorts all day yesterday, wandering around, unable to walk down the single stair out the back door, walking in circles around the back yard, eyes moving rapidly back and forth, trouble standing, trouble lying down, never quite staying still, never quite settling down. She's struggling, and I'm kicking myself for forgetting to pick up her prescription yesterday or even today.

Yet, she's still here. First really bad day I've seen in a while.