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Julia Skott, on the XOXO slack posted at the beginning of 2019

"I want to recommend something my husband and I tried this year - a bingo board of stuff we wanted to do over the year. Big stuff, little stuff, fun stuff, practical stuff. No pressure to do it all, but a fun reminder on our fridge of stuff that would make us happy."

I pretty much love this idea, so set up a goals Bingo card for myself.

2019's card:

About that Hamstring


One of the items on my 2019 Goals Bingo card is "Play in an Ultimate tournament." I haven't played ultimate in a year. When I did play (on a broken toe), I managed to jam my right big toe so badly that I believe I tore a ligament, maybe two. Before that, I hadn't played in four or so years, and now I can't run more than 100m before I have problems with my hamstring.

My hamstring.

The f'ing hamstring I pulled twelve fucking years ago, STILL f'ing giving me problems.

Goals Bingo 2019

Book page

1. New country = Belgium
2. 3 Star = Hof van Cleve
3. Read 50 books = 50th was The Thirst, Harry Hole number 8