So, you know you're crazy when...


you start writing other people's blogs in your head.

Came home from dinner on Friday thinking, Kitt is totally going to write a post about Boggle. There are so many funny things she could say! She could write about SEAHAG and defensive 3-letter words and new words we learned (none of which I can remember right now) and Mark trying to throw in new rules to spoil the game and how no one really wanted to play but then we all played like 10 rounds because it's addictive and it was Kitt's virgin Boggle experience.

Then I started narrating the entire night in your voice.

I keep checking, but it's not up on your website yet. I know it's coming...

That from an email from Megan about yesterday's post. I love Megan. She's the best. She's already getting ready to write my blog for me! What a deal!

Boggles the seahag mind


Keith: "I tell you, I'm no good at this game," after scoring 15 to everyone else's 2 in the first round.

Me: "I want to be ..." gesture quotes with my hands "not good at this game, too."

Last night, Kris was off playing poker with the boys. He does this so rarely that I'm perfectly content to let

However, with him gone, I jumped at the suggestion Megan made to have in impromptu dinner at someone's house, maybe a pie and cookies thrown in there somewhere. I offered Krikitt Downs, but, well, when Katie offered Assguard, I couldn't help but think, "Evening. No dogs. Friends. No dogs. Cute babies. No dogs. Hmmmmmmm.... no dogs," and rescinded my house offer.