brothers karamazov



Through Scott Berkun's blog, I learned about the Brothers Karamazov Deathmarch. The plan is a "rip through the book faster than you would on your own," very much like reading a book for a literature class. Although I'm quite excited about the idea, I'm also quite intimidated about the idea, as I haven't read any large Russian novel, and have no idea how it'll be. I do, however, have a vague sort of "no plot, lots of words" fear about the reading the book, which I hope to discover is completely unfounded.

I bought the audio version of the book, through Audible and started listening a couple days ago. One of Kris' Christmas presents was a year subscription to Audible, but I was unable to resist purchasing a "good deal" and managed a few credits for books for myself. Between the audio book and the Gutenberg version, I'm covered for the digital format, so will be able to read it everywhere I go where I have either my laptop or ipod, which is pretty much everywhere. My only regret on going this way is that I won't be reading the "good" translation of Pevear and Volokhonsky. Alas.

The trick now is to remember to plug-in in my down time.

Heh. "Down time."