Rhombus Minor


Okay, so, the thing about this burpee challenge is that it isn't forgiving: it is burpees every day, it is an increasing number of burpees every day.

Which pretty much means that any injury that I can't compensate for in some way to give my body a chance to heal, will get worse. And worse.

My injuries had so far rotated from spot to spot, never sticking around long enough to become problematic. First the problem was my left knee. Then my right knee. Then my upper left arm. Then my right wrist. For each of them I managed to adjust my burpees, and keep going.

Until this one.

I have managed to strain, possibly pull, my rhombus minor. I am finding pushups nearly impossible. They are incredibly painful just to the inside of my upper left scapula. Burpees 80-85 were so painful, I cried.

Ever done a burpee?


Yeah, quirky goals, that's part of the charm.

The sum of the first n integers, which is to say, 1+ 2+ ... + n is (n * (n+1)) / 2.

Which is to say, if you do 1 of something on January 1st, 2 of something on January 2nd, 3 of something on January 3rd, and continue in this pattern until you do 366 of something on December 31st of this year, you will have done that thing 67161 times in 2016.

Ever done a burpee?

Yeah, well, the challenge is n per day where n is the day of the year.

Today, I did one burpee.


This will be an interesting challenge.