God-damned $4 check


I went to the bank today to deposit a group of checks. My bank was recently the victim of a crappy merger, with everybody knowing how much I despise my new bank, so I'm even less interested in actually going to the bank than I was before.

So, off I go.

I stood in line for all of 20 seconds before a teller waved me over to his counter. As soon as I arrived, he said, "I'll be with you in a moment," as he turned away from me to put away a stack of coins.

I stood there, in front of an (I'm not kidding) eight inch stack of $1 bills, slightly annoyed. If you need to finish up with what you are doing, I thought, don't wave me over to your counter, f---ing finish what you're doing THEN call me over. There wasn't anyone in line behind me, I can wait 10 more seconds for a teller who is actually ready and available to assist me.