Chase came home today


I needed a break from some things going on around here, so I walked over to the vet's today and picked up Chase's ashes. I am uncertain why I thought crying my eyes out in front of a Starbucks would be a good life choice, but I needed a walk, and I needed to pick up his ashes, so out I went.

I was about 10 steps into the half hour walk over when I realized I didn't want to make this walk. I didn't want to pick up Ma Petit Chu Chu's ashes and have the box sitting on the mantel. I didn't want the reminder that my little dog was gone and not going to come walking down the hall, clickety clickety clickety. My feet were heavy as they kept moving me forward.

Well, That Was a Waste


Today was not so great.

I took Chase to the expensive vet today for them to figure out what is wrong with him such that he isn't eating. Yesterday wasn't good, and today didn't appear to be much better, but we were unsure what the vet was going to do, so we didn't encourage any food this morning.

His drop-off appointment was "around" 10am. When arrived "around" 10am, which is to say, I arrived at 10:10am, I was told that the wait was an hour to drop off Chase. I was honestly unsurprised, given cars were double parking in the lot as I arrived, from which I inferred I'd be waiting for a while.

I wasn't expecting as long as I waited, and my original day plans were pretty much shot, but doggo, and what's good, what's bad, who knows...

Eventually Chase fell asleep, on my lap no less.

Chase Howled!


Chase howled at me this morning when I didn't feed him fast enough. I hadn't heard his voice in months before he howled at me, which means hearing his voice makes me so happy!

After his howling and his feeding, he, unsurprisingly, refused to sit still. I mean, he always refuses to sit still for the camera, which is fine in and of itself, but when he's being super cute and alive ALIVE, I kinda want a picture of him.

Instead, a pooping proof of life.

He's going to love that.

Chase And Tilly

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