Lent and Chocopocalypse


Today is the first day of Lent. Related: Happy Valentine's Day!

As the first day of Lent, I realize I'm behind, again, with my deciding what to give up for Lent. This is apparently a trend, and unsurprising, as I'm not actively participating in any organized religion. I'm missing the cues, the reminders that tell people that, hey, think about this, pay attention!

So, Lent.

Why do this at all? Why give up anything for Lent if I don't have a religious or moral imperative to sacrifice something that brings me joy, that causes happiness, that I find satisfying?

Easiest answer would be because I want to do it.

The Aftermath


Yeah, the aftermath of Sunday's Chocopocalypse means I can't use (read: won't use) my laptop until it is cleaned out. Took me a bit (and a friend of a friend) to find the new screwdriver for the itty bitty teensy tiny T screws that are in the new MacBook Pros.

The damage isn't as bad as I thought it was. I cleaned out the chocolate, wiped off as much as I could, and closed everything back up.

Here's to frequent backups and fingers crossed.

Indy Understands


Indy draws post-it sized bits of truth.

See, he understands just how amazing Chocopocalypse is.

Chocopocalypse 2016


Today, yes, TODAY, is Chocopocalypse!

And I just realized that I didn't write about last year's Chocopocalypse, which is in some what sacrilege! I spent it driving from Chicago to Ottawa with Jonathan and his mother, tasting, eating and commenting on 24 different bars of chocolate. I was going strong until the hemp chocolate, which was gross enough that I nearly vomitted in Carol's car. That wasn't a good moment. The drive was an adventure and lots of fun despite that moment.

This year, I wanted a quiet Chocopocalypse: maybe a hot chocolate and a bar of chocolate. I've been going as non-sugar as a sugar junkie can go, and didn't really want to shock my system with too much chocolate. Which is to say, this Lent thing may have run its course.

I started the morning with a chocolate croissant. For once, I didn't overcook it, which was great.

Still not counting.


Okay, yes, I'm counting.

22 days until #chocopocalypse

25 days until #chocopocalypse


Not that I'm counting.

Okay, I'm counting.

Road to Chocopocalypse


Today marks the first day of Lent, which means it starts the first day of the Road to Chocopocalypse, the day of delicious gorging on chocolate, all chocolate, and only chocolate. In past years, chocolate and I have just about tied with who defeated whom, with chocolate scoring the most recent victory. With the discovery of The Meadows in Portland, this year's Chocopocalypse promises to be amazing. The chocolate selection there is incredible. I am looking forward to the gorging.