The Aftermath


Yeah, the aftermath of Sunday's Chocopocalypse means I can't use (read: won't use) my laptop until it is cleaned out. Took me a bit (and a friend of a friend) to find the new screwdriver for the itty bitty teensy tiny T screws that are in the new MacBook Pros.

The damage isn't as bad as I thought it was. I cleaned out the chocolate, wiped off as much as I could, and closed everything back up.

Here's to frequent backups and fingers crossed.

Indy Understands


Indy draws post-it sized bits of truth.

See, he understands just how amazing Chocopocalypse is.

Chocopocalypse 2016


Today, yes, TODAY, is Chocopocalypse!

And I just realized that I didn't write about last year's Chocopocalypse, which is in some what sacrilege! I spent it driving from Chicago to Ottawa with Jonathan and his mother, tasting, eating and commenting on 24 different bars of chocolate. I was going strong until the hemp chocolate, which was gross enough that I nearly vomitted in Carol's car. That wasn't a good moment. The drive was an adventure and lots of fun despite that moment.

This year, I wanted a quiet Chocopocalypse: maybe a hot chocolate and a bar of chocolate. I've been going as non-sugar as a sugar junkie can go, and didn't really want to shock my system with too much chocolate. Which is to say, this Lent thing may have run its course.

I started the morning with a chocolate croissant. For once, I didn't overcook it, which was great.