There's more concrete?


Sometimes I can't help but wonder just how much MORE concrete I'm going to have to pull up around this house. Chris rented a jack hammer and went to work on the concrete under the citrus trees in the front.


Leave it. Leeaave it. Leeeeeeeave it.


So, for the record, space efficient is not maximally efficient when the area of efficiency is the kitchen.

Chris Holley painted my kitchen ceiling yesterday. Since I have a couple racks in the kitchen to replace the countertop and cabinet space the tiny kitchen is lacking, Chris had moved the racks out of the kitchen.

When he moved the racks back in, he rearranged my pots and pans. Now, admittedly, when he did so, he arranged the pots and pans and bakeware and bowls very nice and very neat. The bowls stacked with the large number all in nice groupings; the baking dishes all nested into carefully arranged stacks.

It would have worked out very well if, well, if I actually used the souffle bowl more than once a month, or if I made lasagna or used my rectagular baking dish more than, say my cooking pans, or if I used my ice cream maker more than I use my food processor.

Except that I don't. I make pies once or twice a month, compared to ice cream, which is once or twice a year. I haven't used my bundt cake in months, though I should make that blueberry cake for Kris. All the frequently used items are neatly tucked in under or behind all of the various bowls that aren't used very frequently.

And now I need to rearrange my cookware again. Sure, the frequently used items will float back to the front of the racks, but, gah, until then, how annoying. I almost want to say leave my bowls alone.

Let there be light!


Chris Holley, Lyndsay's little brother is helping me out around the house for a couple weeks now. His first day was a little disastrous, when he spilled nearly all of the ceiling paint on the garage floor, then spent the next two hours cleaning up the mess. And inauspicious beginning, to say the list.

He's been doing okay since, completing a few tasks that have been on my list for just the longest time.

For example, the butterfly bush, the annoying thing that kept growing and growing and growing, is now gone.

Turning around, the bush that became a tree was removed, too.

Other work is getting done, which is great. Having the extra sunlight is even better.