communal dinner

Communal deenar


Went to communal dinner tonight. Mike leaves tomorrow morning, so I'm not completely sure spending four hours socializing will help my stress levels over the next few days.

Christina made a wonderful cold pasta sauce, which was good on Chookie and Martha's homemade pasta. The house is getting really good at making pasta (the kitchen aid pasta maker attachment being key to the growing talent). Christina set the pasta theme, so I volunteered to make tiramisu. Having not made tiramisu in nearly eight years, my tiramisu making skills are, uh, rusty, and, well, a little disasterous.

That, and I haven't made tiramisu for more than 6 people before. The ingredients I recall using before appararently were a fad, disappearing from the grocery shelves as the fickle fashion of coffee drinkers changes. I couldn't find some of the espresso crystals I used before, so substituted instant coffee, which was much stronger than I realized.