Mmmmmmmm... cupcake


Seriously, no day is complete without a cupcake.

We went to the Bleu Cupcakery today (with my giggling, "Mer Bleu! Mer Bleu!" the whole way), and bought a half dozen. I fully expect to eat 5 of them to Mom's 1. We'll see.

The icing on this cupcake is stunningly light. Even Mom liked it.

Happy happy joy joy


At work today, Chris called Michael from the parking lot, asking "Hey, did you know the Chowder Mobile is in the parking lot?" When Michael first repeated the question, he did it loud enough for everyone to hear, though no one was really paying attention. I mean, I wasn't paying attention until the statement, "And there's a cupcake mobile next to it?" when my body spontaneously leapt six feet into the air and landed with a $20 bill in my hand, feet moving me to the door.

To say "Excited about the Cupcake Mobile" is like saying "Willing to breathe to stay alive." Yes, both are accurate.

My steps on the quarter mile walk to the mobiles, which had to be at the FARTHEST. POINT. POSSIBLE. went from "Hey, I'm outside, this is great" to "OMFG I'M GOING TO HAVE A CUPCAKE!"

No, really.


So, we FINALLY finish our hike, uphill both ways, with my telling Michael how spectacularly awesome SxSW was, and how I'm still riding the high of the event, and I realize that I have no idea what I'm supposed to order at the Chowder Mobile. I do the only reasonable thing: I have Michael order for me. "If you like lobster, you have to order the Lobster Roll," he said. So, my order was, of course, "I'm told I have to order the Lobster Roll," which made the guy in the truck smile. For a $15 sandwich, it better make me smile, too, I thought.

Michael ordered after me, and handed me a one dollar bill, telling me that either it had fallen out of my pocket, or his wallet, he wasn't sure, but here, take it. Confused, I tried to hand it back, but he was having none of it.

Okay, one dollar for me.


Of course, as soon as the adult part of ordering lunch was over, I turned, without my meal, and only halfway flew over to the cupcake mobile. I say halfway, because my thump on the side of the truck when I arrived alerted me that I hadn't actually left the ground yet.

Michael came over behind me, and started talking to the woman in the truck. How often are you here (every Monday)? Can you park closer (maybe)? How can we find you (twitter)? Do you cater (yes)?

I stood there, with my nose just over the side of the window, my hands next to it, peering in, waiting for a break. My brain was in a loop, thinking, "Cupcake... cupcake... cupcake..." as they continued talking. And talking. And talking.

KILLING ME! I started bouncing.

Yes, that's right, a woman old enough to have a kid in high school was bouncing on the side of a cupcake truck next to the San Francisco Bay.

And it was awesome.


More awesome was the fact that I could buy TWO cupcakes, at $3 each, because Michael had handed me the dollar over at the Chowder Mobile. I didn't have to choose between chocolate and lemon, because, you know, being an adult means YOU CAN HAVE BOTH.

And both I did.

I know which client office I'll be working from next Monday. And the following Monday. And the Monday after that. Possibly the Monday after that, too.