Local vitamins

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Post office boxes

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Bella's collar

Daily Photo

I really like the macro capabilities of my new camera. Even Bella's collar becomes interesting up close.

My eye

Daily Photo

I look so tired here. The square pupil intrigued me.

Chipper shredder blade

Daily Photo

A couple years ago (probably more, now that all of my years are blurring together), Mike came over to borrow my chipper shredder. It was a small electric chipper shredder, more shredding than chipping. I would continually tell Kris to stop cramming that 3" branch into the feed, smell that burning smell? that's the branch you're trying to shove in there, nothing over 1" wide.

I should have told Mike 1/2".

MIke took the chipper home and started chipping the branches he and Kate had cut down around the house. The chipper was so loud, not that I knew this when I was using it, that I could easily hear it 100 yards away.

I could also hear when it went from straining to BAM to clackity-clackity-clackity-clackity.

"That didn't sound good," was about all I could manage at the time.

A few hours later, Mike wandered back over to the house. "Yeah, well, how much was your chipper-shredder?"

"Couple hundred bucks. Why?"

"Well, it's more expensive to replace the blade than it is to replace the whole thing."



I kept the blade, because the story was so humourous to me. This may just be the first of my discard-with-a-story items.

My first noogie

Daily Photo

Megan, Mirabelle and Meter came over today for breakfast. Breakfast was, of course, pumpkin waffles.

After breakfast, we sat around and talked for a while. When Mirabelle started insisting, "Mayanna lap? Lap? Mayanna lap?" I had to pull out my camera.

When Mirabelle gave Meter her first noogie, well, I had to laugh.

Liza geetar

Daily Photo

Liza, Maeryn and Mike visited today after the power went out at the girls' school. Yay, wind storms.

An Annie curl

Daily Photo

Not that you can really tell from the way she curls, but Annie has a back injury that's preventing her from running and jumping. Not sure when it happened, but we think around Christmas time.

Stylish Blue

Daily Photo

Blue looking stylish in his baseball hat.

First photo of 2008

Daily Photo

By taking lots and lots of photos as the hour of the new year approached, we managed a good first photo of the new year.

2008 is so way going to be the best year in a long, long time.