Rose at Bob and Suzanne's

Daily Photo

Back from L.A.


Returned from Los Angeles today. Specifically, Pasadena. Today is the 34th wedding anniversary of my dear friends, Bob and Suzanne Diller. I had an absolutely wonderful time this weekend, despite sleeping through part of the party and missing out on seeing Wook. Perhaps his being busy with SIGGRAPH this week will mean he won't I missed him.

Lots of interesting things happened on the trip. On the way down Saturday afternoon, about 82 miles north of L.A. (or, at least where the mileage signs say L.A. is), there was a raging fire on the opposite side of the road. It was quite impressive. On the way back, the burned area was significantly less impressive.

I spent time with Bob, Suzanne, and Savita. Eileen, a friend of the three, also spent time with us. We swam in the pool, grilled out (and in), ate leftovers, slept a lot (except Bob), read a bunch, and had a wonderful anniversary picnic. Others at the picnic included Mark Ross (haven't seen him in ages!), Kevin and Pam (with the two boys Alex & Brandon), Lon and Hester Bell (recovering from many international conferences, strange diseases and a new grandchild!), as well as Harold Felton. Apparently I missed Yosufi, Edie, Daniel and Sarah during my very strange Sunday afternoon nap. Boo!

The drive down and back were uneventful, though the drive back had a few harrowing moments (involving slow moving vehicles, asshole drivers and not a few poorly labelled exits). I'm happy to be home, but I'm also very happy I went.

Happy Anniversary, Bob & Suzanne!