Yeah, not really



That lasted all of about 15 seconds, which is how long an SSH tunnel and a SOCKS proxy set up takes me now.

DMCA Takedown Policy

The following is my DMCA Takedown Notice Policy in full.

If you send me a DMCA takedown notice and it's legit, I'll take down what's yours, because, I assure you, it was posted by accident. I'll even publish an apology as big as I can manage it.

If you send me a DMCA takedown notice and you're full of shit because I've posted something under fair use, I'll mock you, leave up what you've referenced, publish your takedown notice, and fight you tooth and nail for my rights. Oh, and I'll insist you pay the legal fees resulting in your intimidation tactics.

DMCA Takedown Notices Received

Inspired by Google's DMCA policy and GitHub's policy of of publishing the ones they receive, this page contains references to the various DMCA takedown notices I've received.

For more details on my own policy, please see my DMCA policy page.

This section intentionally left blank.