Only 30 in 2005 and 2006


Bet you didn't know seventy one players have had more than 18 home runs and more than 18 stolen bases in a season since 2001.

Me, either.

Only 30 in 2005 and 2006.

Who knew?

Not me.

"Alex Rodriquez was absolutely ridiculous last year."

"Did you have him last year?"


"DIdn't I tell you to get him?"

"BABE! I had him for $45. Someone else was willing to offer over $40 for him. I had my time with him. They bought hime. He was Alex Rodriquez again. Someone else had their time with him."

If I could get Alex Rodriquez for $40, you better believe I'd be pulling out my wallet.

"$40! THat's not even a quarter a game!"

Poor Kris. Thinks I'd actually let Alex play baseball during my $40 time with him.

Clearly we're making progress on our dev house projects. Where's the pizza?