FL 1.1 : Atoms in motion

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Feynman Lectures on Physics, Volume 1, Chapter 1, Atoms in Motion

FL 1.1-1 Intro

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Welcome to a two year course. Yeah, you want to learn it all now, but you can't. Why? Well, we don't know everything. What we think are truths are really just approximations. And we don't even know all of the truths, not by a long shot.

How do you find these near-truths? Experiment. The results of an experiment are wrong only in that they are inaccurate. If they don't follow your "truth" (your theory or hypothesis), then your "truth" isn't. It's actually wrong, so adjust the hypothesis and try again.

Yeah. Welcome.

Feynman Lectures

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The Feynman Lectures on Physics are the transcription (with editing) of Feynman's lectures for the first two years of introductory physics given to students at Caltech from 1961 to 1963. I own a set of the books, and have decided to read them and summarize them for my own use. These are those notes.