Wasn't I just so clever?


Last night, before going to bed, I wrote a schedule for myself for today. This morning, I jumped out of bed, and started in on that schedule. First item: walken the doggen.

Simple enough. As I grabbed the leashes, though, I thought, hey, the big dog always has the bigger, longer leash, and the smaller dog always has the shorter leash. Why not switch them up?

I put the longer leash on the small dog, and the shorter leash on the big dog. Wasn't I just so clever? The little dog is going to have a taste of freedom, and the bigger dog won't worry me as much. Smart me!

We walked outside. They ran down the porch steps as I locked the door. The tug as they hit the bottom of the stairs should have clued me in.

Good bye kiss


Doggen walken, Indiana style


So, Dad and Linda now have two doggen instead of just one. Willy passed away a bit ago (fewer than four months ago, since that was when I was out last). I'm more upset that they didn't tell me about his passing than I am about his passing, I think.

I suggested we take the two doggen for a walk today. Dad looked at me like I was insane. "Horizonal. Snow. Winds?" was all he could manage before shrugging his shoulders and agreeing that, hey, walking two itty bitty zooming dogs in sub zero with the wind chill factor was JUST the thing for a father daughter bonding moment.

George was excited. Gracie was a blur.


For the record, I've had better ideas than this one.

It was unbelievably cold coming back. It was so cold even Dad ran to keep warm when we walked back from the corner of Lincolin Hills Drive (yeah, you read that right, we spell Lincoln with TWO i's in Indiana). I don't recall seeing Dad run in my adult life. I shall cherish this memory.

Just as soon as my nose thaws.