Second day, walk walk walk ICK!


Mom and I started the day with a trip to Starbucks, which was, of course, great for Mom. It was a quick trip, since we wanted to start walking before it became too hot and we would melt, so, we tried a Starbucks closer than our previous one. Poor choice us: it was hard to navigate the lot. Back to the condo we went, put on our walking shoes and started off around 7:30. It was a nice walk into town and back out. She showed me a number of places she had been, and I asked her if we were going to make new memories for her. She had been telling me about all the places she had been, but none of the new places she wanted to try. I'm not sure I expressed myself well, but we now have a list of new places to try. We walked by two places we will likely try for breakfast over the next few days.

Fried Poke Salad

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