Last ASA MVP class in August


Wow. The last ASA MVP class in August for us was by far the worst one for me. Aside from the lack of fitness level (haven't exercised since last Thursday, and even that was a short practice), I had chest pains (sharp, just to the left of my sternum) and I fell onto one of the jump boxes, banging my left shin pretty hard. Oh joy.

Before class, Gino recommended some rotator cuff / shoulder work for me. With 3# weights, one in each hand, do set of

  • shoulder raises to the side
  • shoulder raises directly in front
  • raises directly backward
  • raises backward with weights touching at the highest point I can reach behind me
  • front raises with twisting arms (at the highest point, my hands should be positions as if I were pouring from a glass)
  • lying on my side, bent arm raises

I need to start doing these consistantly. I'm considering running over to ASA on a daily basis and working out. They're close. The gym is well stocked (if a little old). And, it'll be a good 20 minute run each way (albeit along and over some crappy roads (El Camino and 85)).

And so we begin.


9 station circuit

leg press
leg extension
hamstring curl
sumo squats
squat jumps
weighted lunge walks (down and back)
box jump (2 feet, R, L)
transitional box jumping
low box tranisitions


We erroneously thought we were done at this point, except for abs. Nope.

Medicine ball work.


We thought were were done again. Nope.

Forearm work.

Mid-month ASA MVP workout


Today, only Kris and I attended class, as Lisa was working this evening. We started with abbreviated ladders, each x2:

  • LR-RL
  • Outsides LR
  • Ali-shuffle
  • Inside-Outside-Inside-Outside
  • Outside-Inside hop scotch
  • Hip twists, R foot first, then L foot first, then alternating

Gino didn't think I had warmed up properly, and asked me to stretch further before continuing. No problem, as my left hamstring is, once again, bothering me.

G continued us in the circuit training format, with one person doing one exercise while the other person does another. Kri started with the T drill (five sets): run 10 steps (about 10 yards forward, shuffle 5 yards to the right, back 10 yards to the left, back again 5 yards to the right, then the 10 yards backward to the starting point. His times lowered each time he ran his 5 sprints, from 11 seconds to 10.6 seconds.

Meanwhile, I was doing 10 side-to-side jumps over a cone, then sprinting forward 10 yards or so on the last landing. The goal was to not drop a foot backward after the last landing, just explode forward at the landing. I had good ones and bad ones, but got better at the end.

We switched. My T drill times were 11.6, 11.5, 11.4, 11.4, 11.6 and 10.7. We're convinced either I cheated on the last one (by not going all the way to the side cones), or G was trigger happy with the stopwatch.

Next came weightlifting. Kris started with one footed squat / leg press, while I did one legged leg extensions. I started with 15# for the leg extensions, but was doing fine with 25# on my last set, so I can probably increase next time. I had difficulty with the leg press, as I was using my glutes more than my quads. At Kris' suggestion, I dropped my foot lower on the push pad, and managed to get more quad action in the lifts.

3 sets
toe touches 
side to sides with med ball

sumo squats

We then finished with abs, as usual.

  • bicycles
  • russian crunches
  • overhead abs, V ups
  • lower back
  • side to sides, round the world
  • partner push down with med ball
  • 6" - 12" leg holds

Another ASA ass kicking.


Another lowerbody workout at ASA's MVP class. And yes, another ass kicking.

G has adjusted his workout strategy. Instead of working each of us individually, we did mini circuit training. G would set up three stations (or two if the two stations were particularly difficult) and we'd each cycle through them. It works well enough.

Abbreviated ladders to start.

3 sets of:
hamstring curls (lifting)
4 point star lunges
walking lunges, carrying 25# weight, twisting outside, inside, both

3 sets of:
squat jumps over hurdles
20 skaters (10 each leg)
shuffle ball toss (6#)

And then abs, focusing on lower abs.

V ups with weights


Kris McQueen: We did jump rope
Kris McQueen: the single legged toe touches w/ a 10 lb. weight
Kitt Hodsden: Yay!
Kitt Hodsden: Oh, yeah.
Kris McQueen: more ab stuff (single leg V-ups, partner leg throw downs, 6-12" leg lifts
Kris McQueen: I forget what else.

FIrst track workout in a long time...


The first sprint workout I've been to in a long while. Mostly because of the ASA classes.

We started with a warmup run. I arrived late, so everyone else was already done. Keith showed up after I did, so we did the 800m (so short!) warmup run together.

Long shuttle A
Normal shuttle A
4 x 55m

First ASA MVP class this month.


Today was the first ASA MVP class of the month for us, as G injured his back early last week and was unable to run the class (and inpire! us). Today was an upper body workout. Each exercise itself wasn't too bad, but taken in total, was a hard workout.

jumping jacks warmup
pushups (clapper, incline)
ball traversals
tricep extention w/ weights
chest pass knees, standing, lying down
lat pulldown

Pinky aches


My left pinky hurts. A lot.

I've been spending a lot of time working on a project with Mike Gull the last two days. The project involves, unsurprisingly, a lot of programming. And, since I program in emacs, I've been using a lot of control characters during my editing of files.

Control-x this and Control-s that, and Control-x e this other, followed by Control-x k. Bah. So many control characters!

I think I strained the finger last night when I edited 250+ files with an insert buffer (Control-x g a (that would be buffer a, I'm inserting)), move down a few lines (Control-n a bunch of times), another insert buffer (Control-x g b (that would be the buffer b being used there)), followed by a delete line (Control-k to delete to the end of the line, another Control-k to delete the empty line after it), Control-e to end of a bunch of lines, Control-a to go back to the beginning, Control-f I don't know how many times to move forward a character or two, Control-x Control-s to save the file and finally a Control-x k enter to close the file (or rather, kill the buffer) and stare at the next one.

That, 250 times.

No wonder my left pinky hurts.

Maybe we can call this 3.5?


Not sure how to call this one. It's quite similar to the ones I used to have (i.e. over before I knew it was here, dark and only one day long).

Maybe we can call this a half, meaning migraines are winning 5 to 3.5.

Last July Session of ASA's MVP class


Yay! Lisa joined us! She's signed up for the class, so we'll be seeing her twice a week. Whoo!

Today's workout focused on arms. Not in a workout sense, but in a movement sense: quick arms propelling quick feet. I was also working on moving my arms forward and backward, and not across my chest.

I also asked G about intensity level. Should I be going all out, all the time, or should I try to pace myself. G was actually surprised. He thought I was already going all out. Essentially, he was reducing the recovery time each time, to adjust for our improved performance. Whoops. My bad.

I started early with my ladders, with G giving me direct feedback about moving my arms. I tend to chicken-wing my arms, keeping them away from my body and often crossing my chest when they come forward. It really helped to have G give immediate feedback.

  • twisting from the outside: L foot on the right side, twist to put R foot inside, L outside left side, R next to L, twist to put L foot inside, R outside right side, L next to R, etc.
  • Outside L-in
  • Outside, R-in
  • Outside, R, outside, L, outside, together
  • Ali shuffle
  • probably more

We started off with the I of pain and square drill. Kris and Lisa worked the I-of-pain, while I worked the square drill. My first time was about 11.6, with the subsequent three being about 10.5. I think I cheated a little on those three. The last one was 10.9, which was around the time all my runs should have been. Not cheating on that one.

We switched, and I ran the I-of-pain, while Kris and Lisa ran the square drill. I ran the I-of-pain as hard as I could. I needed longer than the 30 second rest. My legs felt spent at the end of the drill.

Next, we had the equivalent of running ice-skaters. Instead of side-to-side ice skaters, we shuffled forward. We were working on quick feet. It was a little difficult for me, more so I think for Lisa. Kris, with his fast feet, had no problem. The cones were about 3 feet apart, width-wise, and 2 feet forward-wise. The goal was to shuffle through the cones, around the outside, facing forward. Shuffling forward. We ran 5+ of these runs. We then faced sideways, instead of forward, and quick-feet ran around the cones. We went through this way a good number of times, too. It was difficult to get the arms moving quickly and correctly in synch.

The star-shuffle came next. It was a small circle: only one step between the middle cone and the outside cone. It made, once again, for quick feet and fast arms. We couldn't get a full shuffle in, so we had to move quickly. We went counterclockwise twice, then clockwise twice.

Kris offered a suggestion to G to modify the exercise. Instead of shuffling from cone to cone, G walked around the circle, adjusting his distance from the center cone. We shuffled from the center cone to G, as he walked around the circle.

Wall ball came next. Kris and Lisa started out playing wall ball against each other with the 8# ball. They threw from their hips, playing twice for a minute each round. G and I played next, with the 6#. When it came time to play throwing overhead, using abs, of course, G had Lisa play wall ball with me, instead, with the lighter ball. 8# was 2# too heavy.

Abs, of course, were last. The first set was a three exercise round: ab pull downs with the weight machine, bicycles, and big ball balance (where we balanced in a plank position with elbows and forearms on the ball, then back up, with just hands on the ball, butt in the air). We each rotated through the three exercises. Next were cross-over V-ups, similar to Lisa's cross-over bicycles from the workout she developed for us. There was another few ab exercises.

The last ab exercise was 6" leg holds, for only 30 seconds. No problem.

Bizarro chest pains


Great. Just great.

Been having bizarro chest pains since last night's ASA workout. They are similar to that sinking feeling you get when you're really stressed, and realize there was something REALLY IMPORTANT you forgot to do.

The problem is, I can't recall anything I forgot to do that I REALLY need to do now. Maybe if I figured out what it was, these pains would go away.

On a lighter note, had lunch with Kris. It was really nice to see him during the day, even if the BLTA wasn't exactly what I would normally have for lunch (but, damn, was it tasty!).

Session 7 of ASA's July MVP class


Today was yet another rough day at ASA Baseball's MVP training class. I don't know why I'm never quite able to do this class. I often feel I'm just completely, terribly and permanently out of shape. Either that, or I need to do more on the off days.

Started with the usual ladder drills. Now there's something I think I should probably start doing every day. Along with situps, pushups, chinups, stretching, hamstring exercises and having sex.

  • LR RL LR RL ...
  • L-in R-top L-in R-bottom
  • Fast rotate R foot first (outside, straddling the ladder, rotate 90° putting L in box 1, R in box 2; rotate back to straddling, advance to put L in box 2, R in box 3; continue), followed by L foot first
  • Straddle L-in straddle R-in
  • Straddle L-in straddle R-in straddle together
  • R-L traversals: R-L to the left side of the ladder, R-L inside a box, R-L to the right of the box - I can never get this one right.
  • Might have been another one in there...

We worked with the big boxes to start the session. With three aligned in a row with a 24" space between them, jump over each quickly, then sprint at the end. I was totally psyched out, and kept pausing between the boxes. When I did manage to keep going, I was totally flailing.

Our next box exercise was jumping off one onto the floor, then immediately onto two stacked up. 2 sets of 10. Kris managed to leap onto three stacked up for his second set, though he missed one and scraped his shin really hard on the corner of the top box (leaving hair and flesh caught in the grain - ew!).

Because we were unable to complete the box jumps, we did mini-hurdle runs.

  • Facing left, land each foot between two hurdles; repeat facing right.
  • Both feet together, hop over each hurdle
  • Facing left, feet together, hop over each hurdle; repeat facing right.

Next came 2 sets of 3 exercise rotation: sumo walks, side to sides with sprints, toe touches on the box. The sumo walks were walk the length of the room crouched down, back at a 45° angle, feet in a wide-wide stance, pushing a weighted ball. For extra goodness, we had to hold a rubber tubing loop apart with our feet.

Side to sides were the standard ice-skater like movements, followed by a sprint at the end. We did two for each set. I thought the point of this exercise was to drop deep into the stance. I was mistaken: quickness is the way to go. So, I did much better on the second set.

I also need to work on keeping my arms in when I sprint. My elbows go out, and my arms will cross over my chest to get going fast. Better to keep the elbows in and move them directly straight back & forth.

The toe touches weren't difficult. The usual. At some point, however, during these sets of three exercises, I stood up quickly and had a head rush. It lasted longer than normal (I'd say, 15 seconds, which is 12 seconds longer than my head rushes normally last), which was strange and a bit disturbing.

The abs workout was different. More ball work than usual. Our first exercise involved sitting next to each other, about six feet apart, and tossing the 8# ball across the body at the other person. After, eh, about 20 passes, we rotated 180° and threw at each other again, working the other side.

Next we put our feet together, facing each other (still sitting on the floor), and did chest pass situps to each other. G had to hold our feet down for a while.

Next were back-to-back ball passes. I passed down each time, Kris passed up. The first was Kris' left shoulder to my left hip. Then we switched to his right shoulder down to my right hip. Unfortunately, I moved into his shoulder as he passed the ball, and was smacked right in the nose with the ball. It hurt a lot. Stood back up and continued, though.

Next we did standing ball tosses, from the hips, push out at the person standing about 12 feet away. The 8# ball was a little too much for me, so G and Kris did the first set, and I did a second set with G and the 6# ball.

Regular abs after that. Bicycle, Russian crunches, V ups, lower back, regular crunches, stretch.