CTRL+CLICK podcast!


OMG OMG OMG so excited!

I was fortunate to be invited to speak on the CTRL+CLICK with Lea Alcantara and Emily Lewis of Bright Umbrella. We chatted about the state of Images on the Web, which was a nice follow up on my most recent talk.

Podcasting makes me oddly nervous, yet I had a wonderful time. Emily and Lea are awesome, and did an incredible job of easing that newly-discovered anxiety of mine.

Beyond Resizing: The Image Performance Checklist

This is the talk that I gave at ImageCon 2018, then followed up with an encore at the San Francisco Web Performance Meetup. The slides here are from the second performance.

You can watch my the ImageCon performance, if video is your thing.
You can also download a PDF of the ImageCon slides, if you'd like, though this presentation is more meaningful with the transcript.

This presentation is WHAT to do. You'll be able to download the HOW-TO guide shortly.