Try it


My plane conversation with Jackson, who was playing with my iPad on the flight over:

"What's Pebble?"

"Try it."


"What's Space?"

"Try it."


"What's Bubble?"

"Try it."


I am rather glad I don't have any porn on the thing. If I did, and he asked "What's XXX?" or worse, stopped asking and just tried it like I was suggesting, I'd be in trouble.

Not so Annie


So, while Jackson and I were throwing (but not up), Annie and Bella were wandering around the fields. I was keeping an eye on the two dogs are we were tossing, and eventually needed to go fetch Annie who had run far enough away from the two of us that I was uncomfortable. I convinced Jackson to huck the disc as far as he could in Annie's general direction, while I chased it down. I would then throw the disc short for him to run on to. in this way, we moved closer to Annie while still throwing.

Annie was a good girl, to my surprise, and stopped when I approached her.

She never does that.

She sat there, and looked at me. I stood there, and looked at her, pondering what dog this was and what had she done with the real Annie.

Throwing, but not up


After I picked Jackson up from camp, after we ate a late lunch, and after he recovered somewhat, Jackson and I took the dogs off to the local school. As the two of them wandered around sniffing the butts of all the dogs around us, Jackson and I started throwing the disc around. Given my experience with throwing around the disc with the rest of my family, I had very low expectations of how this would go, but I figured I'd have a good time anyway: throwing around the disc even if I have to run for every throw coming nominally in my direction is always fun.

So, I handed Jax the disc and wandered a bit away, and let him throw.

The disc flew right to me. I didn't need to move a step to catch it. Okay, this wasn't going to be too bad.

I understand this


After go go going all day, Jackson needed to rest.

I understand this need. I felt much the same way after the day. Still, we're not done yet!

Not spicy


Note to self, Jackson doesn't like spicy.

Inventor's Manifesto


I could have hugged each and every person involved with Camp Galileo today after I walked into Jackson's classroom to pick him up, and saw these words on the wall:

Be Visionary
I envision a better world
I imaging things that don't yet exist
I believe that it's my place to turn ideas into reality

Be Courageous
I freely share my creative thoughts
I stretch myself to try new things
I embrace challenges

Be Collaborative
I value the unique perspectives of others
I build on the ideas of otehrs
I use my strengths to support the work of others

Be Reflective
I take the time to think about what is and what isn't working in my design
I think about how my work impacts other people and the world
I seek feedback to improve myself and all my work

Jackson at camp


A few years ago, when Sam was visiting me for the week, I didn't have any plans for his visit. I, unfortunately, didn't take any time off from work either, and ended up plunking the kid down in front of the television for far more time than I was comfortable with, though Sam didn't really mind.

When we went back to Mom's place for the big drop-off, Sam declared to everyone, "And she let me watch TV ALL WEEK." I was so embarrassed as to be mortified, not only had I done this, but that Sam had told everyone. Eric turned to me and said, "Well, that sounds like a real world example of parenting to me."

Best or worst


We went to Starbucks for breakfast this morning, my place having a dearth of cereal or other food at the moment.

"Let me know what you want for breakfast."

He looks.

"Can I have the brownie?" he asks.

"This will either make me the best or the worst aunt ever."


He had the brownie for breakfast.

Learning by trying


So, the first lesson Jackson has learned about what this week could hold, and it might just become the most frustrating for him.

While I'm a big fan of learning and teaching,, I'm not a big fan of just answering questions if I can lead someone to the answer or if someone could figure out the answer with a little effort. That whole being resourceful thing that Kris espouses so much.

I know that I was always frustrated when Dad said, "Look it up!" after I asked him a question, but, yeah, I learned better because of his approach (though, in retrospect, he may have said that because he didn't know the answer).

So, when he asked, "Are those live fish?" when we were still at the airport, I said, "Let's look."



On the way home from TXJS, I stopped on the way through Phoenix. I do that a lot, but this time wasn't to visit Mom, it was to pick up Jackson!

Some time between last year and about three months ago, Jackson asked why Sam keeps heading out to visit me each summer and he doesn't visit me. It's interesting that was how it worked out, though. I didn't know that Jackson wanted to come out, and was just sorta going along with the flow and planning for Sam. It's kinda fun that Jackson wanted to come out, I haven't really spent time with him, don't really know him except as Sam's little brother.