Kittisms: What up, Homeslice

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Again, no idea where this came from, but I use it a lot in greetings with loved ones. "What up, Homeslice?"

Kittisms: Can confirm

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I don't know when I picked up this Kittism. I've been saying "can confirm" as a +1, agreed, yep substitute for a bit now.

Similar ones are "Concur." and "Can refute"

Kittisms: hi hi hi

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Typical greetings from Kitt include "Howdy!" and "Hi hi hi!"

The former is a family trait.

The latter is from Jake Klasky, who greeted everyone with, "hi hi hi!" when he was six.

Kittisms: HF

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Kittisms: Personal Representative

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A "Personal Representative" is the persona a person projects when first meeting another person. It is an idealized version of oneself, typically with bad or undesirable traits suppressed, and good or desirable traits magnified or emphasized.

A personal representative typically doesn't stay around past "the honeymoon phase."

Related: the public face a person presents.

Kittisms: 13c

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Best seat to sit in on a Southwest Airlines flight.

It is in the section of the plane with the statistically highest survivor rate.

It is in the part of the plane with the highest stability.

It is in a row that most people will not think to sit in.

It is close enough to the front to deplane within a reasonable amount of time (as in, before becoming frustrated with the people in front of you not moving quickly enough).

It is far enough to the back to be open even if you're at the beginning of the B boarding group.

And it is an aisle seat.

Kittisms: ROAR

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Made up the ROAR acronym to explain Tyler's desire to play on an injured ankle:

Rapid Onset Adult Retardation

Also known as SOAR:

Sudden Onset Adult Retardation

Kittisms: VOA

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Voice of Authority.

Kittisms: BK

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B.K. - Before Kris

Kittisms: Projecting

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Projecting, according to the Merriam Webster online dictionary, verb uses, definition 8:

8 : to attribute (one's own ideas, feelings, or characteristics)
to other people or to objects

I do this all the time, probably to my detriment. I project my situations and experiences onto other people all the time. I assume everyone is smarter, faster, more clever, prettier, and everything-else-er than I am.

I also tend to cross the net more than I should.