license plates

Wes found one! Wes found one!


omg. OMG.

Wes spotted a two character license plate:

And he had the presence of mind to pull out the camera and take a picture, there by documenting that he has, indeed, found the near license plate holy grail.

Granted, this is a truck plate, but he's so, so, so very close, I'd say, "YAY!".

His words:

"P.S. I looked it up -- I was at the Union 76 station in Mountain View, at the corner of El Camino and Grant, when I spotted this beauty."

Come on, passenger car license plate holy grail!


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I'm at a lost for this one. What word can you make of UOE?


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uar295 today, having seen a bunch of other ones recently.

PAN plates

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Saw the first one at the gas station next to the Starbucks at Fremont and Mary. Took a picture, it's around here somewhere.

Have since seen a bunch more.

Paul's initials.

MAD I can't find where the other ones are

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I know I've seen a ton of these, but I can't find where I'm keeping track of them. So, this may be a duplicate post.

5MAD710 on 8/11 red Pontiac Grand Am

LEMon plates

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I've been seeing a lot of these, and not writing them down. Here's the catch up (of sorts):

5LEM611 - 101 S
5LEM840 - downtown Mountain View
5LEM470 - also in downtown
5LEM673 - Castro
5LEM587 - coming back from Cupertino
5LEM322 - also coming back from Cupertino

MiGHty plates

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I've been seeing a lot of these, so might as well start recording them, too.

5MGH485 down the street from the school.

Random plates

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Just random plates I find interesting.

LEgaL plates

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I've seen a couple of LELs. In particlar, there's a 5LEL177 on Knickerbocker and 5LEL372 on Bernardo.

I've seen a couple other 5LELs, but I'm not sure exactly where.

Interesting plates that might become common

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Plates that might become common if I see enough of them.

It'll take only two sightings to get them on this list.